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The Cliff Lights

The holiday season is upon us. I have a strong suspicion the season will be over before I am completely ready for it. I have so many things I need to accomplish before we can rest and enjoy it. Along with cutting and decorating the Christmas tree, which the kids took over and handled, we need to decorate the house.

Years ago, Elaine was watching the Chevy Chase Christmas movie. She watched as Chevy decorated the house with a smile on her face.

Elaine: Wouldn’t it be great to decorate our house like that? Me: Are you crazy? Elaine: No listen to me. Just think how cool it would be to have the house lit up like that in the mountains.

There is a chance the previous conversation didn’t happen exactly like was written. Sometimes there is a need to change names to protect the innocent. Anyway, somebody suggested we decorate our house. Somehow the conversation morphed into decorating our property. At least some of the property.

Elaine and I started discussing where on the property “Christmas” lights could be installed. We decide we had one spot on the property Christmas lights would be the “coolest”, on the cliff! Way down the road at the other end of the property we have a forty-foot-high cliff covered with pine trees and moss rock. The perfect spot for “Christmas” lights. Oh, that spot has its own set of challenges, like no electricity.

Our friends at the local “The Orange Depot” solved the no electricity problem. Solar lights, 100 light strings powered by a small solar collector. Now the problem is how many strings to buy? Three strings seemed to be about right. We have added more lights every year, not for the cliff, just out there in the middle of nowhere.

We had one other problem that if left to Elaine would have been insurmountable. The cliff! The forty-foot-tall cliff. Not a gently sloping cliff but a straight vertical cliff, that must be summited to install the strings of solar lights

I don’t want to portray that access to the summit would be dangerous, but to a middle-aged couple, it would be dangerous. Lucky for us, we happened to have a secret weapon. A teen-aged grandson! We have a teen-aged granddaughter also, but she would have had to walk across the pasture to get to the cliff. I didn’t know it at the time, but teenage granddaughters don’t like walking anywhere, especially across pastures.

Boy Twin “lit the cliff” for us that year and several after, adding additional lights every year. We had at least a dozen light strings last year. Eventually, teenage social lives replaced “cliff lighting”, Elaine and I moved the lights to a tree near the cliff.

Last year, for reasons that can’t be explained, Elaine and I did not take down the lights on the tree by the cliff. The wind destroyed most of the strings of solar lights leaving one string lit since last year’s holiday season.

It is up to you to believe or not whether it was divine intervention to leave the lights on the entire year. Walking with crutches certainly prevents me from hanging lights on that tree this year. What do you think? The lights are up.

Well, I could write more, or I could try to help with holiday prep. I need to choose holiday prep.

For those of you that have been following these words of wit, I am scheduled for back surgery shortly. The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’m throwing the crutches away. Buy Yarn! God Bless you guys. More later.

Our crazy lives!



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