The Epiphany, the Yarn Crawl and Coach

I had an epiphany this past week. Now, most of you are surprised that I know what the word epiphany means, much less actually have one. I’m here to tell you I am a product of public schools and I have a diploma to prove it. I might not know exactly where my diploma is located, but I am guessing it is somewhere in this house with Elaine's two CSU diplomas.

There is a story behind my actually receiving my diploma. About two weeks before graduation day my counselor informed me between my vocational school credits and high school credits, I was one English credit short for graduation.

My counselor accepted some of the responsibility and suggest I write a one-thousand-word essay I the subject of my choice. If I agreed to write the essay, I would earn the English credit. Seemed simple enough, I chose to write a biographical essay on Michelangelo. I have no idea why I chose Michelangelo and wouldn’t have chosen that subject today.

Trust me, I wasn’t going to enjoy (and didn’t) writing an essay in the last two weeks of high school.

About three paragraphs into the essay, I came to the realization that small words typed had the same value as long words. Michelangelo is a long word. I changed his name to Mike. I thought it was brilliant. Elaine, (yes, that Elaine, who was my proofreader then; as well as today. As well as the love of my life. Blame her for typos.) on the other hand was horrified.

I explained to Elaine there was no way Michelangelo’s friends called him by his full name. With the amount of research, I did on his life, I felt like his friend.

I have no idea if anyone at the school ever read my essay, but somewhere in this house is a signed diploma with my name (not Monner) on it.

I have another high school-related story with a current twist, but,