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The Groundhog Lied

I've never been one to trust weather prediction to the animals, but some animal traits cannot be disputed. For instance, robins will not show up until the weather is getting warmer. Deer do not grow antlers until early spring. Hummingbirds do not hum until it is warm enough for Elaine to go outside and hang the feeders.

I observe the animal traits but I know better than to think they are any better than Channel 31 News/Weather. Everything/everyone can be tricked by Mother Nature, what bothers me is when the animals lie. That weather-predicting East Coast rodent is a liar. He (I think it is a he) predicted in early February winter that would be over in six weeks. Sadly, he is such a prolific liar he convinced a robin to sit on our fence this past week. That would have been just fine, except for the fact it was snowing. The male deer are sprouting a new set of antlers. Truthfully, I think deer use the calendar method for growing antlers and don't let a rodent tell them when winter is over.

I have things to take care of when winter is truly over. The winter winds break things off my neighbor's houses, barns, trees, etc., and deposit them in my yard. I need to get the stuff picked up and take it to the landfill, wearing safety shoes, of course) Mistakenly, I thought last week would have been an excellent time to accomplish that ask. Nope, too windy, too snowy, and no desire. Stupid rodent. I should have been cleaning and repairing for the last four weeks.

I can't really complain. There was one nice day that I was able to get a load of trash to the landfill. Elaine checked my shoes after I loaded the truck. I thought about hiding an extra pair of frocs under the seat just in case the steel-toed, kevlar-soled, Elaine-issued shoes started to make me feel unmanly. Elaine might have guessed what I was up to because she kept watching me until I drove away.

As is usually the case, I met a gentleman that I found interesting. First, I should mention his vehicle. An Asian-made SUV. You can decide for yourself if an SUV of that description is manly or not. Please keep in mind this SUV was in a landfill in Northern COLORADO. The political climate is changing here and some SUVs are becoming more acceptable to men. Just saying.

I was intrigued by this man's choice of footwear. As he "jumped out of his SUV, I noticed he was wearing a style of very manly flip-flop/thongs/sandals. You know the kind. The kind with a swoosh logo on the top that were assembled in a country far away by children working for pennies. I was so jealous, but Elaine forbids that type of shoe at landfills. I did my best to keep my shoes from being hidden. I wanted to tell him how much I liked his shoes, but I thought that would draw attention to mine.

Upon further investigation, I noticed he got out of the passenger side of the SUV. A woman was driving. Again, the political climate in Colorado is changing. Things like that are becoming acceptable, especially in a landfill. I was even more self-conscious of my shoes.

As he jumped out of the SUV, he started a conversation in a most unique way. He said, "It smells delicious here!" I realized immediately this guy was the most manly man in the landfill. I returned his comment by telling him it reminded me of a famous fast-food restaurant. I'm not sure how he took my response. He told me that was his and his wife's favorite restaurant. I'm telling you, with a couple of small indiscretions, this dude was all man.

By the end of the week, it was raining and snowing. The landfill closed due to muddy conditions. I still have trips to the landfill planned. Hopefully, I will make a new friend there. In the meantime, I'm going to watch the animals for signs of spring.

Love ya, God Bless, yarn is best bought in spring, summer, fall and winter

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