Vacation and Roosting

Has it really been a week since we were at the Salida Fiber Fest? As far as Fiber Fests go this one was not good. As I have written many times, "In life sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you." I think the bear won this year.

When you commit to a fiber fest/trade show, you must send in your entry fees/booth rental around six months before the event. No one can predict your health, the weather, or any other condition six months down the road. Last year, during the Salida Fiber Fest, I was walking with the aid of crutches. Man, I'm sick of saying that. Moving on. I have convinced Elaine that Trade Shows are kind of like a vacation that "pays" you to take. You know, like sitting in a four-hour presentation to buy a condo in Kenya or someplace for a chance to get away for a while. Don't pay any attention, I don't even know what I'm saying.

Salida Fiber Fest 2022 was nothing more than a vacation. It was bad from the start. I/we started checking the weather report about two weeks before the start. Two weeks ago it looked like there could be a slight chance of rain. Sometimes a little moisture is good for Elaine selling her chill blockers.