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Will They or Won't They

In today's story, I will try to predict the future, by discussing the past. BUT! Before I do I must tell you my neighbor has out the heavy artillery this morning. Fortunately or maybe, unfortunately, I have a bad case of allergy. Hang on, this does make sense. You see as I sleep, my ears plug. Until my ears pop, I can't hear a thing. They eventually pop and I can hear normally.

As I sat down to predict the future, Elainie said something. I could see her mouth moving so I knew she was talking. Since I was the only other person in the room, I assumed she was talking to me.

Elaine: He's right on time with his shooting.


Elaine: Can't you hear that? Are you listening to me?

Me: What?

Elaine: He is starting to shoot

Luckily my ears are starting to pop, I am faced with a dilemma. Do I pretend I still cannot hear or do I start to participate in a conversation that is preventing me from predicting the future? I now realize my neighbor has out the big guns, the really big guns. I chose to listen to Elaine and had no choice but listen to the gunfire. I'm telling you, folks, should Putin ever invade Prarie Divide, Colorado, I'm forgetting my grandparents were born in Russia and getting behind my neighbor. He's got the weaponry.

If you were able to follow that mess of a Sunday story be proud of yourself. Even I got lost a couple of times. Anyway, let's get to the past so I can guess the future.

For the past year or so the twins show up mid to late afternoon on Sundays. It is a nice thing that just kind of happened. We have dinner as a family and discuss the week. Sometimes they bring their significant other and sometimes they come alone.

I regale them with my stories and knowledge to which they rebut everything I know and say by quoting WHYtube and Boogle. It makes for some great Sunday nights until I decide to go to bed.

As I have written many times before I had an injury that prevented me from getting some of the simple chores done that happen around here. I can usually get the twins to help me on Sundays. As it gets closer to winter, there are things I need to get done. (Neighbor has changed guns, but still shooting.) Last week I talked to the twins about helping me.

Me: Hey, are you guys coming up for dinner Sunday? Girl Twin: I think so.

Me: Maybe you could get you and your brother to come up a little early and bring my truck back so I can use it for the day.

Girl Twin: I guess we could do that. (She is the dominant twin in matters like that. He is the dominant twin when it comes to ignoring whatever he doesn't like.)

I was excited to know they were coming early and that I would get some help. The morning passed; no twins. Noon passed, no twins. It is now afternoon and I decided to call them.

Me: Where are you guys?

Girl Twin: Boy Twin is still in bed, I'm going to pick him up now. Me: Didn't we agree you guys would be here early?

Girl Twin: It is early. Me: You are still at least an hour away, WTF?

Girl Twin: We were at a party last night. Boy twin didn't go to bed until 5:00

Me: You were at a party together? Where was the party? You were at a party together, like together, together? Girl Twin: Yeah, we've been hanging out. My friends and I left early, but he found a girl he liked, and we left him there.

(Neighbor changed guns)

Me: You guys stay home. We don't have time to do the chores, and I don't want to feed you. (Just being honest)

Girl Twin: Maybe we can come up next week.

Me: Maybe

It's next week, here's the predicting part. I'm guessing might show up today. Will they or won't they be here? Maybe. Will they or won't they be early? Nope, not a chance.

Next week, Elaine is taking me to Santa Fe for Taos Wool Festival (now in Santa Fe). Another weekend will pass and the winter prep will lose another weekend. Maybe the twins will be here early the next Sunday. I'm predicting not.

Thanks for the yarn sales. God Bless. (The shooting stopped. Do you know what's interesting? My neighbor doesn't hunt, he just shoots at a little steel target up on the mountain. If the deer stay away from that target they are safe.) Thanks again.

Our crazy lives!



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