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The Beautiful Full Moon

I hope all of you get to experience a full moon reflecting off the snow covered mountains of northern Colorado. Put it on your bucket list. You won’t be sorry. The moon lights up the snow, you can see for miles. Last night was one of those nights.

Just like every other night the wind woke the dogs. Just like every night the dogs decided they might need outside to bark at anything that might need barked at. I got up to see what the dogs were barking at this time.

Looking out of the bedroom window was amazing. It was beautiful! The moon, the snow, simply beautiful. I could see the silhouette of a single llama standing in the pen eating hay out of the feeder. I glanced into the yak pen.

That’s funny, I can’t see the yaks. Oh no, the yaks have used a full moon to help with their escape before. The yak escape is most likely what caused the dogs to bark. I know I’m about to get a call from a neighbor, “Hey, you need to come get your yaks!” I decided to wait until they called or morning came, depending which came first. I couldn’t face chasing the yaks through the snow, still suffering from my Christmas cold. The dogs and I went back to bed.

The sun came up. Dreading every minute, I got up and started getting dressed. Elaine looked out the window and spoke the words I did not want to hear, “I don’t see the yaks, I think they broke the top fence rail.”

With eyes watering and nose running I went outside. The thermometer read 16 degrees, the wind was blowing. I don’t want to guess what the wind chill temperature was. That’s funny, the hay has not been touched. Surely the yaks would go to the haystack first. I don’t see a broken fence rail. I haven’t a clue where they could have gone.

I jumped in the truck and started down the driveway. I drove past the yak pen and noticed the yaks were in the pen wondering where I was going. They had found a spot out of the wind and were bedded down together.

I’m not sure the yaks actually had a part in this latest caper, but I am sure they are laughing!

Our crazy lives!


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