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Construction or Baseball

The summer is nearly over. School supplies are already on Wally World shelves. The twins’ baseball is over for the summer.

The twins want to play baseball in a fall league. They asked me to coach the team again; I’m not sure that is a good idea. I would love to do coaching again, but it might conflict with my job.

I was offered a job a couple months ago. I didn’t take it. It would have not allowed me the time to coach my team. Oh sure, the job came with a few pros as well as cons. I was very familiar with the job, the company, and the management. I worked there 15 years ago.

When I left the job, I might have said something I regret. I told the managing partner; when he got rid of his partner, I would come back. I might have used some construction language, I really don’t remember. I do remember I wrote a letter of resignation (without construction language). My ex- employer (Fred) still has it.

Over the last 15 years Fred has reminded me I said I would come back. He called a couple months ago to remind me of what I said.

Fred: Hey Monner, (he doesn’t really call me that) are you still working selling yarn? Me: Yeah, 5 years now, its going great. (I didn’t want to tell him I was fired by my wife and daughter.) Fred: I need to talk to you about a job coming up. Me: Wow, that’s interesting, its most likely not going to work, I’m coaching baseball. Fred: You are coaching baseball? Me: Yeah, I’m pretty good at it. Some of the kids even like me, and ONE parent actually told me “Good job!” I think I’m going to stick with coaching. Fred: I will call you when the season is over.

I was okay with that because I was not going to tell him when the season was over. I’m not sure I want a job that pays exactly double what my construction job pays me now. Yep, I said double.

What if one of the local high schools call and offer me a coaching job? It could happen. Maybe a college and pro team. I think I could get a good reference from the parent that said, Good job!”

Fred called again. We are having lunch Friday. I think Elaine told him she had fired me.

Our crazy lives!


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