Underwear Execs and Dye Pots

I didn’t want to tell a mall construction story today. I would think by now you would be tired of reading them. Sadly, in this crazy life, somethings can’t be helped, I need to tell a mall story.

Sitting in a weekly safety meeting, I was told my men needed to be on their best behavior for the next couple days. Best behavior equates to; don’t make too much noise, don’t make too much dust; which in construction means don’t plan on doing very much work.

Corporate officers from that underwear store (you know the one) were scheduled to be in town to discuss the construction problems the mall was having. While the underwear execs were in town, we were asked to be clean and quiet.

Prior to working in the mall, I have never been in that underwear store. Frankly, I was shocked at what I saw.

I have always bought my underwear at stores that sold more than underwear. I like stores that sell tractors, fence posts and beef jerky, as well as underwear.

I want value for my money. When I buy underwear; the thing I look for is fabric. I was surprised how little fabric you get for your money at that underwear store. I can’t believe how much they charge for a tiny piece of fabric and a couple pieces of string. If I could offer this advice, go to one of the tractor stores and get some fabric and elastic for your money. Get some real value!

I think I might have strayed from my topic. I was going to talk about why the underwear execs were in town. It seems the execs were wanting to discuss the damage to their store and products caused by the construction crews.