Shoes, Shoes and Selfies

I have a couple things to discuss, so let’s get to it.

The twins are both back in school sponsored sports this month. Boy Twin is wrestling and Girl twin is playing basketball. Neither twin has ever participated in either one of those sports.

I played both of those sports and frankly, didn’t enjoy either one. I am trying to be supportive of each twins choice of sports.

Boy Twin will need to experience for himself how much time you get to “enjoy’ having your head stuck in your opponent’s sweaty armpit. You can be the best wrestler in the state and you will still find your head in an opponent’s sweaty armpit. If that doesn’t bother you, you will be a great wrestler.

I think Boy Twin likes wrestling because he “needed” special shoes. Wrestlers wear wrestling shoes that do not tear the school’s’ wrestling mats. Boy Twin tried to convince me the shoes provide incredible traction on the mat so you can use your feet to get your head out of your opponent’s sweaty armpit. (OK, I made that last part up, he didn’t say the part about the armpit.)

Boy Twin and I went to every sporting goods store in town to look for wrestling shoes. (Not kidding.) I guess kids don’t mind having their heads stuck in armpits; every store in town was sold out of wrestling shoes. At least in Boy Twin’s size.

I convinced Boy Twin that we should try the internet to look for wrestling shoes. The internet presented its own set of challenges. Did you know you can spend more than $200 for wrestling shoes? And I’m not talking Hulk Hogan wrestling shoes, I’m talking middle school wrestling shoes. Of course, you can find wrestling shoes for $49 with free shipping. Would you like to guess which ones he picked?