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Special Christmas Gifts and Dec. 26th

Christmas 2019 is over. It’s time to get back to normal life. Because I changed jobs in August, I didn’t have any vacation time accrued to spend time with the family. It was back to work for me on the 26th. We can talk about that in a minute. I hope you guys spent some time with loved ones. Maybe you were lucky enough to get that one special gift. Oh wait, I need to tell you a story! A couple weeks before Christmas, I noticed a wooden handle sticking out of our trash receptacle. Upon further investigation, I discovered it was a plumber’s helper. (Toilet plunger.) The same toilet plunger that was left behind by the previous owners of our house. Living in the country, far from town, t

Car Washes and Christmas

I changed jobs last August with the intent of being closer to home. The first construction project, I was assigned to was a car wash in North Denver. I quit a job in South Denver that paid more money to get closer to home. Still an hour and a half (one-way) commute every day, but somehow it made sense. The first month on the project worked quite well for me. We had to demolish a parking lot and process the dirt. I arranged my schedule to avoid the heavy highway traffic times by arriving on the job at 10:00 AM and leaving by 2:30. (Yes, you can judge me harshly should you see fit, but watching trucks and tractors driving in circles will numb your mind.) Anyway, we did not have our bui

Christmas Parties

Twenty years ago (give or take) Elaine and I decided to move to the country. Elaine looked at properties on the internet every week until she found the house she wanted to look at. I remember it well, It was October, seventeen years ago. Elaine asked if she could show me a house, she was interested in. We took off from the city on a foggy autumn day and drove for what seemed forever. As the drive went on Elaine instructed me to “Turn here, and then go down the road and turn again.” I started to wonder, “How do you know where to turn?” “Oh, I’ve been here before”, she replied. “That’s great, I’m at work and you are taking the day off and driving around.” She’s like that. When we arrived

Another Blizzard Story

After last weeks story about the Blizzard of Thanksgiving week I thought I had nothing more to say. Turned out I was wrong. (Hmmm, I don’t think I ever said that before.) During the storm we suffered from sustained winds approaching 53 knots (60 mph). Elaine was sitting at the dining room table watching the wind blowing the snow past our house. I heard her yell, “Oh no, there goes our box.” Last summer I bought Elaine a patio box to store patio furniture cushion and things like that during the winter. The backstory to that is that Elaine loved that box. She talked about buying a patio box for years, but we just never got around to it. Her plan was get the cushions from the box on sunny autum

The Big Blizzard

I’m knocking on wood, but the blizzard might be over. For those of us that are concerned that the earth is warming by .000000006 degrees Celsius yearly, last week’s weather might have put our minds at ease.I’m guessing last week’s storm lowered the average temperatures in Wyoming and Northern Colorado for the next sixty years. We don’t own cattle, just llamas and one yak, therefore, I don’t know if they could have helped. I was forced to depend on the neighbor’s cattle, praying that the cows would pass gas and possibly warm my part of the earth. Hey, don’t laugh, it was bad here. Thirty inches of snow, Monday and Tuesday followed by periodic snow Wednesday and Thursday. Friday night brought

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