August 2.0

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep August rollin’. Before I get into August, AGAIN, let’s talk about healthcare. No, I promised Elaine, when I started writing this stuff, I would not talk politics. She actually said I couldn’t WRITE about politics. However, she said nothing about talking, about politics and I‘ve learned my lesson. I’ve been blocked on social media by at least two people that I went to high school with, that didn’t talk to me in high school either. I haven’t talked to a friend I’ve had since the third grade in elementary school for the last three years. It seems we felt differently about the importance of the color of the president’s hair.

Anyway, we were going to talk about healthcare. I am old enough to remember my brothers and I didn’t always go to the doctor, sometimes he came to our house. As most of you know I am the middle child of five boys. My mom didn’t drive until I was a toddler. If she couldn’t get us to the doctor, Dr. Hilliard came to us.