Monner's     Mumblings

Flat Lining and a Flat Tire

It was not a good week for tacos. It was a good week, however, for yarn. We sold yarn by phone and on the internet. Of course, we need to sell more, but that's your job. Things did not go well for the taco restaurant. We could clean the building, turn on the stoves and sell tacos tomorrow, but no, it is not to be. The owner of the restaurant walked in to the restaurant, maskless I might add, (just sayin’) and announced, “Those are the wrong lights.” Twenty lights above the seating were installed incorrectly, and according to him now need to be changed. I showed him the architect’s drawings and instructions. It didn’t matter, he wanted them changed. A quick call to the architect quick


As I write today, let it be known that it is impossible to catch beervirus from reading these stories. I have taken every precaution to keep you the reader, safe. I am wearing my N95 mask and one pair of the 4000 pairs of latex gloves we purchased BBV (Before BeerVirus). Please back away if you have a confirmed or implied latex allergy. You must protect yourselves. Elaine is across the table from me. Our table is not the mandatory six foot social distancing requirement. I asked Elaine to move back at least six inches from the table. She laughed at me. I said, “Hey, these aren’t my rules, these are mandated by the governor.” That conversation might have backfired on me. Now Elaine has taped a

Easter, Hobbies and Mr. Pillow

Happy Easter! It is sixteen degrees and snowing. I am watching the Easter bunnies (Cottontails) run across the yard looking for something to eat beneath the snow. This isn’t the Easter I’ve been looking forward to. The twins are in quarantine in town. Elaine, Ivy and I are in quarantine at home on weekends. The governor has decided I do not need to be in quarantine if I am on my way to or from or building a taco restaurant. I'm called essential. Elaine planning power lines in non-essential and must stay at home. (Hey, don't start yelling at me, blame the governor. It's not my fault the guy loves tacos.) In fairness to the governor, he did ask the workers to wear masks while buildin

Heavy Loom and Opening Day

In the category of making lemonade from lemons, Elaine had a pretty good week. Of course, when Elaine has a good week, it usually involves me lifting something heavy. If you have followed Monner’s Mumblings for a while, you might remember that Elaine celebrated thirty years of service with the same electrical engineering firm. Along with some kind of glass table ornament, Elaine was gifted a substantial amount of money to be used for a pre-determined gift. Elaine chose to use the money to buy a loom. The exact model of loom she used in college so many years ago. Much to her parents dismay, Elaine received a degree in weaving, not the underwater basket weaving degree, just good ol’ on lan

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