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Easter, Hobbies and Mr. Pillow

Happy Easter! It is sixteen degrees and snowing. I am watching the Easter bunnies (Cottontails) run across the yard looking for something to eat beneath the snow. This isn’t the Easter I’ve been looking forward to.

The twins are in quarantine in town. Elaine, Ivy and I are in quarantine at home on weekends. The governor has decided I do not need to be in quarantine if I am on my way to or from or building a taco restaurant. I'm called essential. Elaine planning power lines in non-essential and must stay at home. (Hey, don't start yelling at me, blame the governor. It's not my fault the guy loves tacos.) In fairness to the governor, he did ask the workers to wear masks while building the restaurant. One guy actually wore one.

The governor said Your Daily Fiber is non-essential, so Ivy is in quarantine taking care of Otis, the cow.

Elaine and Ivy are quite happy staying at home. Elaine has her new loom, Ivy can knit. Me? I haven't quite figured out what I can do. I spend a lot of time staring. Two weeks ago I read, last week I went for a bicycle ride. I've crossed both of those off my quarantine bucket list. This weekend I have no ideas. Elaine suggested a house purge. I don't remember that one being on my list.

As I mentioned Elaine has a new loom to play with. While I was at work this past week, Elaine rearranged the living room to accommodate her new loom. It may surprise some of you, but we didn’t have space for a loom the size of a 1971 Volkswagon Beetle in our living room. Some things had to be relocated and somethings had to go.

If I sound a little bitter, well, I am. Elaine moved my plants out of the living room. The kids gifted me a hydroponic garden for Christmas. It had to go. The plants are now on the kitchen cabinets. Elaine tells me she has an idea, where SHE can relocate plants. So much for “A Man is the King of his Castle!” I am neither the King nor is this my castle.

Seriously, Elaine loves her new loom. She tells me it is effortless in its operation. She tells me her hips no longer hurt after a day of weaving. I mentioned her hip discomfort may not be from her old loom, it might be from our old mattress.

Me: Why don’t we get a new mattress? Elaine: I don’t want to buy a mattress. Me: Ok, we won’t buy a mattress. That Mr. Pillow guy sell mattress tops, let’s look into that.


Elaine: I ordered a mattress top from Mr. Pillow. It will be here Wednesday. Me: Sounds good. Elaine: It comes with two free pillows. Me: We have Mr. Pillow, pillows.

The mattress top comes in a surprisingly small box, considering it comes with two pillows. Heavy but small. When we opened the box, the mattress top springs out like a jack-in-the- box. The mattress top is wonderful. It would be fabulous, were it not for the fact it makes the bed so tall I need to take a run and jump just to get into the bed. I’m having Elaine order a mini-tramp for easier entrance.

I should go to work today. I am essential.

People are working on my project today. I have a crew installing tubing from a walk-in beer cooler to the bar area in the dining room. The crew wanted to work when the other trades were not on site. The choices were Easter Sunday or in the middle of the night. They chose Easter.

Hopefully, the crew is are wearing mask and gloves and paying attention to social distancing. It would be horrible to catch beervirus while installing beer lines.

Your Daily Fiber remains closed. We appreciate your online and telephone business. Ivy is designing, Elaine is weaving. I lift heavy things. Things are relatively normal.

Stay healthy and safe. Remember what Easter means! We will get through this.

Our crazy lives!


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