Monner's     Mumblings

Find Peace and Cow(people)

Has the whole world gone crazy? Before I answer my own question, I’m going to offer a solution to all this craziness! Knitting!! And weaving! There is something peaceful about yarn. Yarn comes in the colors of the rainbow, the colors of the oceans, the mountains, the forests, all things beautiful, even fire. OK, forget that fire comment. That might be a little too violent for today. Imagine the peace that comes having made something from your own hands. The ability to take sharp metal (or wood, bamboo, etc.) sticks and create a pair of socks from a single string. What’s that? You don’t wear socks. Then make them for someone else. Or make a sweater or underwear, it’s the point of ma

Happy Father's Day, Maybe

Happy Father’s Day! I have a Father’s Day story to tell. It might be more of a cow story than a Father’s Day story, but you can decide that. Last March, my lovely Girl Twin brought home the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Girl Twin and five of her best friends brought home a baby cow, a calf, a (construction language) calf. The kids assured me they would be taking care of this calf and they would sell it for a profit later. Then something bad happened. Beervirus! Even though I can’t blame Beervirus on any of the six kids, it doesn’t stop me from disliking them immensely. Especially today! Living in the mountain of Colorado has it’s own adventures. Elaine and I were aware that inte

A Good Saturday, Bad Sunday

Everything about this weekend is just plain weird. It started Thursday night when Elaine said, “Tomorrow, you should bring home the stuff from The Orange Depot to finish the gate on Saturday.” That doesn’t seem too weird, but I have to be honest with you. I usually arrange my weekends so I can go to town on Saturday get the stuff I need to work around the house after story time on Sunday. That way, I’m assured at least on day of just goofing off. After forty plus years of marriage, I have developed a, let’s call it, a disease. When Elaine starts a sentence with “You should”, something happens to my hearing. I don't hear anything after you should. The doctors can’t figure it out. My he

Street Tacos and Stink Eye

It’s finally here. My taco shop is opening Tuesday. You will be able to buy upscale “street” tacos and margaritas, and oh, beer. A bunch of different beers. Personally, I have no knowledge of what a “street” taco is. I was shown the menu, and I still have no idea why they are called street tacos. The tacos should be called “patio” tacos or “table” tacos. The menu looks fabulous, well, at least it will to you. To me, most of the items on the menu contained onions. I am terrified of onions, especially the (construction language) red ones. Hey, Superman had kryptonite, I have onions. Don’t tell me just eat around the onions, I know the onions have been in there touching the rest of the

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