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Find Peace and Cow(people)

Has the whole world gone crazy? Before I answer my own question, I’m going to offer a solution to all this craziness! Knitting!! And weaving!

There is something peaceful about yarn. Yarn comes in the colors of the rainbow, the colors of the oceans, the mountains, the forests, all things beautiful, even fire. OK, forget that fire comment. That might be a little too violent for today.

Imagine the peace that comes having made something from your own hands. The ability to take sharp metal (or wood, bamboo, etc.) sticks and create a pair of socks from a single string. What’s that? You don’t wear socks. Then make them for someone else. Or make a sweater or underwear, it’s the point of making something with your hands! Oh, sorry. With everything going on, I’m a little agitated.

Elaine has taken it to another level. She uses seven balls of yarn and a loom and creates big things. Shawls, coats, wraps and scarfs. She could make all that stuff with metal sticks, but she likes to use six or seven balls (skeins) at a time so she can buy more yarn.

Imagine the thrill of going into Your Daily Fiber, seeing all that beautiful yarn and being able to take some home. Imagine the feel of soft socks on your feet that you actually made yourself. (OK, I get socks at WallyWorld, ten pairs for ten bucks, but not everyone wants to be like me.) Personally, I don’t make thing from yarn, but you need to ask yourself; do I want to be like Monner, or should I decide to be different.

Oh course, you don’t need to actually go into Your Daily Fiber. You can get peaceful, beautiful stuff on the website, (even those sharp sticks I was talking about earlier). Ivy is adding stuff to the website every week.

Did I ever mention, Ivy is really good with those sharp sticks? She even knows how to teach you how to use them. So, can Elaine, but Ivy can use really sharp ones. After all, Elaine taught Ivy.

Wow, I’m feeling really peaceful. Now I can tell the story that convinced me the world is crazy. It fits into the category of it can only happen to Monner.

I might have mentioned in previous stories we drive over eleven miles of dirt road to get to our home. About 4-5 miles down that dirt road is a hill. This hill goes up and then back down. It even has a name. In the winter, I have seen cars try to drive up this hill only to slide back down. There are a dozen switchbacks on the hill going our house. at the crest, the road becomes straight. Once you have arrived at the top of the hill, if you don’t use your brakes, on the way down you will be traveling at sixty to seventy miles per hour on dirt before you get to the bottom. (I don’t know how I know this, I must have asked someone.)

We live in cattle country. Several times a year, cowboys and cowgirls “drive” cattle from one side of the hill to the other side of the hill looking for fresh grass. (I’m talking about cattle food, not the other grass. This is Colorado and I need to clarify.) Most of the time the cow(people) ride horses on these cattle “drives”. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, watch “The Cowboys” with John Wayne. Can I say that today?

Yesterday, was one of those cattle "drive" days. Yesterday, the cow(people) were not riding horses, they were riding ATVs. (Look it up.) Elaine and I were driving to town. When our trip got us to the hill, yes, that hill, the road was blocked by cows; about a hundred of them. This has happened to me many, many times since we have lived up here. I have experience of what to do. I slow way down and drive through the cows. The cows will get out of the way, even if you need to push them a little. Not this time. I didn’t get a chance to even get close to the cows.

Some old guy (my age) on a two-seat ATV with his wife (I assume) next to him, started to drive straight at me. Head-on and coming fast. I swerved to avoid him. This old man (my age) was yelling, “Slow down!” I would have killed him and the Mrs. I missed hitting him, but I did get to use some (construction language) I usually reserve for construction workers, as he went flying by..

I was shaking the rest of the way down the hill. I thought about turning around and going back, but Elaine needed to get to Your Daily Fiber and sell yarn. Coincidentally, you need to go to Your Daily Fiber and buy yarn, or use the website.

Calm down, God Bless you guys, even the crazy old (my age) (construction language) head. Buy yarn.

Our crazy lives!


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