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A Good Saturday, Bad Sunday

Everything about this weekend is just plain weird. It started Thursday night when Elaine said, “Tomorrow, you should bring home the stuff from The Orange Depot to finish the gate on Saturday.” That doesn’t seem too weird, but I have to be honest with you. I usually arrange my weekends so I can go to town on Saturday get the stuff I need to work around the house after story time on Sunday. That way, I’m assured at least on day of just goofing off.

After forty plus years of marriage, I have developed a, let’s call it, a disease. When Elaine starts a sentence with “You should”, something happens to my hearing. I don't hear anything after you should. The doctors can’t figure it out. My hearing is perfect until Elaine says, “You should”. Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Elaine seems to hate it, even though there is no cure.

Anyway, on Thursday, when Elaine suggested, You should go to The Orange Depot,” she took no chances on Friday. Each of the three times, I called her to chat from work (remember, I am essential) Elaine asked, “Have you been to the Orange Depot, yet?” She was taking no chances that I didn’t “hear” her.

Saturday, Elaine and I stayed home and built a couple gates. We enjoy working together. Well, not always. Sometimes I forget some things from The Orange Depot and I use (construction language). Elaine thinks the (construction language) is directed at her. Even after forty plus years sometimes I need to explain (construction language) can be used for many things, and not always each other.

We stayed home yesterday and built gates. Elaine is really proud of them. Me? Eh, it was just another construction job. I did enjoy the company, though.

I think working on Saturday jinxed my weekend. Did I mention that both twins were at home for the weekend? No sleepovers, no camping with their boy/girlfriend’s parents, no living in town using the internet, no running away, nope, both twins were home. Of course, Boy Twin had to go to work sanitizing carts, so his weekend was cut short.

Boy Twin spent Saturday being grumpy and sleepy. He spent the night texting the love of his life “arguing” about current events and forgot to go to bed. He was still texting at 3:00 AM. Thank God he was able to sleep the entire next day. Girl Twin sleeps most of the day anyway, but she does it where we can look at her, while we're building gates.

I got up Sunday morning, thinking about a story. I made coffee just like every Sunday morning. Well, maybe not like every Sunday morning. Elaine came down and said, “Good morning, is the coffee ready? Oh, my God!”

I have a pretty complicated coffee brewer. That's why I make the coffee, no one likes my machine. I did not put the basket that catches the grounds, back into the machine. I forgot a couple other pieces also, but who’s counting. Hot coffee was going everywhere but in the pot.

I was a little distracted because when I went to the sink and we had no water. Something was wrong with our well pump. That’s a little problem city folks never enjoy.

I checked out the pump and then I heard, “Monner, I need to get to work.”

What a weird weekend!

Sorry, I was late with the story.

Buy yarn, lot and lots of yarn! God Bless you guys!

Our crazy lives!


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