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Happy Father's Day, Maybe

Happy Father’s Day!

I have a Father’s Day story to tell. It might be more of a cow story than a Father’s Day story, but you can decide that.

Last March, my lovely Girl Twin brought home the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Girl Twin and five of her best friends brought home a baby cow, a calf, a (construction language) calf. The kids assured me they would be taking care of this calf and they would sell it for a profit later. Then something bad happened. Beervirus!

Even though I can’t blame Beervirus on any of the six kids, it doesn’t stop me from disliking them immensely. Especially today!

Living in the mountain of Colorado has it’s own adventures. Elaine and I were aware that internet access could be a problem. When we moved here our internet was something called dial-up. I have no idea what that means, but some of you might know what dial-up is. Cell service; we didn’t have that either.

Ok, If you haven’t become bored and quit reading, I will now tie the internet, Beervirus, a calf and Father’s Day together.

Very soon, after Beervirus attacked the country, schools went to an online format. Our family has limited access to the internet. As a family, we discussed and decided it would be best if the twins went to live in town to get quick and abundant internet access. We have a new calf, a calf that Girl Twin and five friends promised that they would take care of. With Girl Twin living in town, who was taking care of the calf? Elaine volunteered.

Elaine was self-quarantining (is that a word?) and working at home. She said it would be no big deal to feed the calf.

The school year is over and the Girl Twin is home. Well, sort of. With sleepovers, night fishing, drive-in movies, camping and birthday parties, Girl Twin is home about 60% of the time. With that social schedule, Elaine has fed the calf (Otis) before Girl twin has gotten out of bed. (Boy Twin has a job in town and continues living with friends who work in the same store. He is home 10% of the time.)

Two bad things happened, one bad, one really bad. Bad, Girl Twin (and her friends) have lost interest in Otis. Really bad, Elaine likes Otis. Every morning, Elaine feeds Otis corn, checks the water and talks to Otis. They are buddies.

I have tied the internet, Beervirus, and a calf (Otis) together. I promised to tie those to Father’s Day.

Friday, I called home to chat with Elaine. I was slightly alarmed when no one answered the phone. I waited awhile and called again. This time Elaine answered.

Me: Where were you? Elaine: Girl Twin and I were outside. Otis got out. Me: What do you mean? Did someone leave a gate open? Elaine: No, she must have found a hole in the fence. Me: Did you find the hole? Elaine: No, we put her in the corral. We can find it later.

I knew what “we” means. It means “me” and someone else.

Today is Father’s Day. Most fathers will be golfing, picnicking, or barbecuing with their children. Me? I will be repairing a fence with mine.

Have a Happy Father’s Day. Bless you guys!

Ivy has new stuff on the website. Check it out. I don’t know what any of it does, but the process is pretty cool. Buy yarn (and Ivy’s new accessories) online or in the store. This Beervirus stuff is real.

Our crazy lives!


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