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Rain, Memorial Day

It has been raining here in Northern Colorado. The rain has been making mall construction slightly less than fun. I am ready to go back to my yarn dyeing job, but no one’s hiring.

I was able to work in the store Saturday. By “able”, I mean I was allowed to drive Elaine to the store and hang around in case something needed to be lifted or carried. Elaine is recovering nicely from her elbow surgery, but she is limited to what she can lift and carry. Now that I think about it, I drive every Saturday, even when Elaine’s elbow is fine.

Sadly, now one needed anything lifted or carried so I hung around waiting to drive home. I did get to stand behind the cash register, but I didn’t get to push any buttons.

I was slightly more productive at the mall this week. My store is ready for carpet. Having said that, I can’t really install the carpet. My roof is leaking. Except that it is not my roof!

When I build stores in the mall I am responsible for the inside of the building only, I finish everything inside of the floor, walls and ceiling. The roof? Someone else’s responsibility.

I have been told by the developers of the mall that we need to be selling t-shirts and temporary tattoos by June 6th. The date is coming fast.

Developer: Monner, we need to sell t-shirts. Me: I know that, fix the roof. Developer: We need that carpet. Me: I know, the roof leaks and this rain will ruin the carpet. Fix the roof. Developer: We need to do something, we can’t miss this date. Me: It comes down to two choices, fix the roof or ruin the carpet. Oh yeah, the roof leaks are going to ruin the ceiling also. Say the word and I will install the carpet. Developer: Let me get back to you on that one.

Just another day of mall construction.

It’s Memorial Day weekend. A weekend to celebrate and reflect. I hope you guys will thank the men and women that gave their lives to give us the freedom to write and read the stuff like this, before you go to your picnics and camping trips.

This isn’t a very good weekend for me. No picnics or camping. I knew it was not going to be a great weekend when Elaine asked me, “If you don’t have any plans, why don’t we replace the screen door?”

Our crazy lives!


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