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OK, We’ll do it Again!

I haven’t had a paycheck from my construction life in quite a while. Elaine can tell tell you the exact date, but don’t ask her. She gets a little riled up, and then I need to sleep with one eye open. It’s not being the bread winner that gets her riled up, but she wants me to at least bring home a piece of toast every once in a while.

In case you are wondering, I don’t get a check for all my hard work at the yarn store. I chalk it up to the economy. Elaine and Ivy don’t see any value in all my work on Facebook every day. I do write these stories. Ivy thinks I write them to stroke my ego. Actually, I write them so everyone will know how under-appreciated I am. (I also want people to know I can spell. However, I am a lousy typist nd proofreader, so this wish backfires on occasion.)

I was working in my construction life for a good friend. Simply put, we just ran out of work. Unofficially, I blamed the economy. The true story is I was ready for something new.

My construction life has allowed me to play in 25 states. You don’t work in construction. Most of it is so crazy I just played construction. That way I was able to remain sane. You don’t believe me? I will tell you a couple stories.

I have had my truck stolen in Houston. The police found it on the Mexican border. My tools were gone, but I got the truck back. The same truck was shot at in Amarillo. I wasn’t actually there, but I learned not to allow my helpers to use my truck.

I have been in the co-pilots seat of a small airplane and watched the same pilot on “60 Minutes” a couple years later. It seems that pilot and plane made more than a few trips to Columbia picking up, well, you know, for the really bad guy. I have watched the federal government ask a contractor to provide garden hoses cut to 33′ in length and pay four times what a 50′ garden hose from the hardware store would have cost. I have sat across the table from billionaires (with a “b”). I have met with a Senator, mayors and planning commissions. I have sat in the dirt and had lunch with people that I did not share a common language with. (You are guessing they spoke Spanish aren’t you? Throw in Polish also, and you would be right!) You see, my construction bucket list is complete. The point is, I thought it might be fun to do something else for a while.

I don’t understand how this happens. I start to write a story about something that happened this week and the next thing I know I’m talking about myself. Maybe I didn’t receive enough love as a child.

Anyway, I receive emails from time to time about possible job interviews in the construction world. I made a mistake and replied to one of them. The company telephoned me.

Possible Employer: This is M^&*$ from N()345 Energy, we have been looking for you. Me: Huh? (You don’t want to look too intelligent!) Possible: You left the wrong phone number, we can’t find you! Me: You are talking to me on the phone right now. Possible: Well, you are hard to find. Can you come in for an interview? Me: OK, but not today! (Don’t tell Elaine that part)

It is with a heavy heart and reluctantly, I am going to a construction interview. You see, I haven’t shaved since my last job. I will need to shave. You kind of get used to the way you look.

Elaine doesn’t like the beard With the beard gone AND a paycheck, Elaine is the big winner here.

Our crazy lives!


PS Girl Twin told me, ”you no longer look like Monner, you look like Darrell!”

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