OK, We’ll do it Again!

I haven’t had a paycheck from my construction life in quite a while. Elaine can tell tell you the exact date, but don’t ask her. She gets a little riled up, and then I need to sleep with one eye open. It’s not being the bread winner that gets her riled up, but she wants me to at least bring home a piece of toast every once in a while.

In case you are wondering, I don’t get a check for all my hard work at the yarn store. I chalk it up to the economy. Elaine and Ivy don’t see any value in all my work on Facebook every day. I do write these stories. Ivy thinks I write them to stroke my ego. Actually, I write them so everyone will know how under-appreciated I am. (I also want people to know I can spell. However, I am a lousy typist nd proofreader, so this wish backfires on occasion.)

I was working in my construction life for a g