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Somewhere the Plan Went Awry

Elaine received half of what she was wishing for. I think she is still happy.

I didn’t get the job I interviewed for. You would think that would make Elaine sad. The truth is, it does, a little. She can’t be happy that she is still the bread winner of the family. She was hoping I would bring home a cinnamon roll at a minimum. I might be able to sneak a package of Saltines from a restaurant, that might brighten her day. But, now that I think about it, there was more to this interview than me bringing home a paycheck for her.

If you remember, I shaved to go to the interview. I guess there is some kind of rule a person needs to look nice at employment interviews. HA! I haven’t looked that nice in years. It obviously didn’t help me get the job.

It did however, make Elaine really happy. Curiously happy! Now I am wondering if she had some kind of influence in getting me the interview. You see, the interview was for a position in the oil fields, which I have never worked in before.

The interviewers had a hard time seeing where construction tractors are the same as oilfield tractors. They spent the interview telling me how much different my experiences were different than their experiences. I thought tractors move dirt in construction the same way they move dirt in the oil fields. I guess I am wrong. Now, I wonder why they called me in the first place.

UNLESS! What if Elaine cooked up some behind the scenes deal to get me to shave? How can I have been so naive. Here I sit typing with more than a year’s worth of work down the drain. (OK, it wasn’t really that hard to grow a beard.) I don’t care how long it takes, I will find the truth!

Elaine might get the second half of her wish also. My construction career started back in the mid-1970′s. (No wonder my body hurts.) My first real job was playing for a local family owned home builder. Last week, now in the third generation, this home owner called me to discuss coming back after 32 years. (I’m not kidding, folks.) I’m going to consider it. I just hope I get paid more than the $3.25/hr. I received when I was there in 1974.

Is it possible Elaine is behind this, also?

Our crazy lives!


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