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2013, It’s Over!

Last night we said good-bye to another year. I can’t say I’m feeling bad about seeing it go. 2013 wasn’t my best year.

It should have been a great year. I like the number 13. Elaine and I got married on the 13th. My number when I was playing fast-pitch softball was 13. I bought my first car on the 13th. I always include the number 13 if I play the lotto. (I have never won anything…hmmm.) Oh well, you get the picture.

The weather was weird in 2013. I’m not sure it was climate change or just crazy cyclical weather. I’m not a scientist and most likely none of you are either, so I see no reason to debate that here.

2013 produced a “too hot to go to school day”. Oh yeah, we’ve had many hot days in previous years. It wasn’t even the hottest day on record. I think a group of school administrators got together and said “it’s gonna be real hot today. Let’s stay home and watch Oprah.” I don’t really know if that’s what happened, but let’s look at the facts. When I was in public school, I did not experience a “too hot for school day.” Oprah was not on television in those days. School administrators realized that and said, “It is gonna be hot today, I wish we could stay home and watch TV, however, Oprah won’t be on for a couple decades, we might as well have school.” Ok, maybe it didn’t happen like that, but I spent a lot of time in non air-conditioned schools and I turned out all right. Well, you be the judge.

The month of December 2013 had some weird weather. The beginning of the month produced near record cold. Like top ten in history, sustained cold. We were high-fiving each other every time it got above zero degrees Fahrenheit. At our house it was minus 16 degrees for two nights. On week later it was 57 degrees. That’s a 73 degree change in a little over a week.

Let’s not forget Flood Monner. Although, Flood Monner was not exactly kind to our family, hence the name, hundred of others fared worse. Others were more deserving of having the flood named after them, but they hesitated and I jumped in there. Seriously, even though our basement filled with water, others lost their homes. Watching your house float down the canyon will ruin your year. Not to be a complainer’; OK, I was complaining. I mentioned to a friend I was not looking forward to the rebuild. She said, “Well, at least you have the skills to do it.” It was one of those things people will say to you in passing that you will remember for the rest of your life and they won’t remember saying it. Thanks, Martha.

That said, I think I would have “enjoyed” the rebuild in 1976. Construction in your twenties is way better than in your, well, senior years. I don’t remember the stiffness bending over when I was in my twenties. I know, it could be worse, a lot worse; Ivy could laugh at you trying to get up the stairs.

We had a couple other memorable events in 2013. Starting with my return to my construction life You probably remember Elaine and Ivy kicking me out of the store and telling me to find something else to do. I think of myself as an expert in two things; construction and running a yarn store. ”When they take away the yarn store, what are you going to do?” I went back to construction. I guess it is working out.

Let’s not forget Ivy won the county fair with her lace shawl. It really is cool and we are very proud of her. I am so glad I taught her to knit. Ok, I fibbed. Her mom taught her to knit but I like to talk about me.

Elaine is doing great in her engineering life. As a matter fact, she received a large pay raise. I was really happy for awhile and then she told me I still could not come back in the store.

Our family doctor retired in 2013. He waited until December 31st. He said he’s had “enough”. I think he had another reason. 35 years of the same guy sticking, probing and looking a spots on body I don’t even look at. He suggests I give his partners a try. I’m not really sure about that considering they are couple of pre-teen looking women with long fingernails. Look, this is my story and I get to write it.

Hey listen, 2013 is over. I hope 2014 works out for you guys. Let’s move on, work hard and stay safe.

Our crazy lives!


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