Faster than a SmartPhone

Christmas is over and not a moment too soon. This is the first Christmas in years that we have not made a day of going into a forest of Northern Colorado to cut a Christmas tree. (Before you respond sarcastically, I am very aware I live in the mountains of Northern Colorado. However, we live on a grassy knoll, with few “Christmas” trees. Elaine chose this property, send your sarcastic emails directly to her.)

I wouldn’t advise following this Sipes family tradition, as it has its challenges. Getting the five of us to agree on what day to carry on the tradition can be a problem. Work schedules and teenage social schedules take precedent. Five people picking the tree can be problematic in itself.

I typically prefer a tree close to a parking area and not surrounded by deep snow. Boy Twin likes trees 10 feet taller than the ceiling in our house, at least five miles from the parked truck, buried in three feet of snow.

Ivy and Girl Twin insist on short-needled trees. The trees need to be perfect in shape. No trunk imperfections and plenty of branches.

Elaine likes long-needled trees. She also likes that perfect “Christmas” tree shape. She will tolerate few branches because it leaves room for larger ornaments.

As the twins got older, I would tire of the discussion (bickering) I would usually turn around after three miles, no longer caring what tree we cut. I loan Boy Twin my gloves, (He didn’t bring gloves.) and go back to sit in the truck. Elaine tries to convince the kids, this year is a long-needle year, and then she returns to the truck.

With this beervirus thing we were not able to mesh schedules this year. We bought a tree at the local grocery store. (Admittedly) It is a beautiful short-needled tree.