Faster than a SmartPhone

Christmas is over and not a moment too soon. This is the first Christmas in years that we have not made a day of going into a forest of Northern Colorado to cut a Christmas tree. (Before you respond sarcastically, I am very aware I live in the mountains of Northern Colorado. However, we live on a grassy knoll, with few “Christmas” trees. Elaine chose this property, send your sarcastic emails directly to her.)

I wouldn’t advise following this Sipes family tradition, as it has its challenges. Getting the five of us to agree on what day to carry on the tradition can be a problem. Work schedules and teenage social schedules take precedent. Five people picking the tree can be problematic in itself.

I typically prefer a tree close to a parking area and not surrounded by deep snow. Boy Twin likes trees 10 feet taller than the ceiling in our house, at least five mi