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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

The Sipes Family “celebrated” New Years at home this year. We typically stay home on New Years Eve and are in bed by 10:00 pm. The twins were pretty fired up at 9:00 so we decided to try to make it until midnight. Elaine strayed from tradition and went to bed around 11:00. . The twins and I discussed that when the clock struck 12:00 it would be 2011.

With the help of a Food TV marathon and the cartoon channels it was pretty easy to stay up until midnight; A few minutes before midnight we switched channels to the network New Years Eve celebrations.

At exactly midnight, the television screen was filled with hundreds of happy couples enjoying a New Years kiss. The kissing raised the curiosity of the twins.

Girl twin: Why are they kissing?

Me: It is a tradition to kiss a person that you love exactly at midnight

Boy Twin: Are you going to kiss Grandma?

Me: Since she went to bed over an hour ago, I don’t think that would be a great idea

Boy Twin: She might think you were Prince Charming

Me: Grandma knows better

Girl Twin: Anyway, that would be gross

Me: What would be gross?

Girl Twin: Old people kissing on the lips

You know, she might be right.

Our dogs customarily barking this morning woke me up as they do every morning. I got up and looked out of the window, something didn’t seem right. After a few seconds I realized the door between the barn and the corral was closed. It was quite windy last night and it is possible the wind blew the door closed.

Having the door closed is not much of a problem, except we had one yak in the barn and two yaks outside in the corral. Yaks like to be with their buddies. A 2-1/2 year old yak can and will do tremendous damage to a barn door if he wants to be with his buddies.

No one told me that as a yak owner, I would get to put on insulated coveralls, run outside to release the yak in the barn before he tears the door off himself. Did I mention the temperature was six degrees F. with a twenty mile an hour wind?

I arrived at the door just as Cheese was reaching ramming speed. I opened the door before he could. This was one of the few battles I have won.

I am off to a good start for the year. The first day of the year and I was able to save the barn door. Stay tuned!

Our crazy lives!


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