Monner's     Mumblings

Bird Diverters

The things people do for the people they love. For the past thirty(+) years Elaine has been the employee of an electrical engineering firm. A few of those years were spent with Elaine drawing plans and equipment specs for the controls at the local mega brewery. A few more years were spent drawing plans and specs at the oil refinery in the next state. Most of those thirty years were spent drawing and power poles and powerlines in rural areas across the western United States. Elaine has kept me fascinated over the years by sharing her knowledge of powerlines. Imagine yourself driving in a car with Elaine and she screams, “That’s a KVXT-Rex pole, complete with bird diverters.” Fascinating, simp

Back on the Horse

It was two years ago this month, one of Elaine’s rules for me changed my life forever. We will get to that in a minute. First, I need to tell a quick backstory. Recently, I was chatting with the developer/owner of a strip center that I was involved with the construction. This conversation had nothing to do with construction. This guy and I were about the same age, and as it turns out, I graduated (I know, that surprises you, doesn’t it) from high school with his current wife. Yes, I said current wife. I’m not sure how many wives preceded her. From here on, I will call this guy, Donald. When I think about him, he reminds me of another Donald. Our conversation went on for at least an h


This story actually happened a couple weeks ago. However, subject of this story was/is inevitable and Elaine and I have planned for years as best we could. With the announcement of shuttering the store, Vroom school, and mice and flies, I have not been able to tell the story until now. The day started like any other day. I left for work slightly after the crack of dawn. Elaine, usually gets up after I have left for work. Just like you, I have wondered if she stays in bed until I am gone, because (1) I have made the coffee. (2) She doesn’t like to talk in the morning. (3) She doesn’t like to talk to me in the morning. (4) She doesn’t need to get up as early, because she works at home.

Full Circle, sort of!

I’ve poured myself a fresh cup of coffee. You might need a drink yourself. I’m ready to tell the story. This is the story of yarn, fiber arts, a family and a beervirus. Yes, even a beervirus. The family is mine, well, ours. Elaine gets growly when I leave her out. As many of you know, Elaine has been a knitter since she was four years old. For those of you who don’t know the story, Elaine was taught to knit by an older sister who thought the best way to babysit Elaine was keep her busy knitting. I’m telling you, sis was/is a genius. How could Carol know she was introducing Elaine into what became a lifelong passion? The next 13 years or so are kind of vague for me. OK, I didn’t know

Home Alone and a Pallet Jack

As I write this story, I am sitting here watching the last of my family leave the house, leaving me alone with the dogs. It is senior picture taking day. One of the twins woke Elaine (and me) to get a check to pay for the senior pictures. Elaine and I weren’t invited to the actual photo session, but were required to get up early on this holiday weekend to write a check. Full disclosure- I actually wasn’t asked to write a check. Elaine, solely received that invitation alone. However, I woke up when Elaine was sneaking down the stairs to write a check. I remember my senior pictures. My mother paid for them. I’m pretty sure she didn’t tell dad. Senior pictures would not been anything dad

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