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Not Going to Vroom

My children (Girl Twin) gifted me a T-shirt for Father’s Day. I use the term “gifted” loosely, because at the time she had no source of her own money. Thinking about that, I guess that’s not a true statement. Girl Twin was in possession of a Grandma issued debit card, so actually she had a pretty good source of money. Back in the ‘70’s, I was building houses with a guy who liked to say. “I don’t need no job, I just need money!” My kids mastered that philosophy. (I know the grammar is poor. Carl didn’t care and neither do I.) PS He also liked to say, “I don’t have a drug problem, I have a police problem”, but that’s a story for another day. Back to the T-shirt. The writing on the T-s

Houseflies and Mice

Living in the country has challenges. I have accepted them and tell stories so you won’t need to move to the mountains and experience them yourself. This summer has been extremely bad. I blame beervirus, our dogs and Elaine. Before I tell you why I blame beervirus, our dogs and Elaine, let me tell you what about the summer has been extremely bad. Houseflies and mice. Living in the country, one must expect an occasional mouse and your share of houseflies. It goes with living in the country. This year, because of these reasons mentioned we have broken all records. Since March when the governor closed all “non-essential” businesses in an effort to contain beervirus, Elaine has worked at


Elaine and I celebrated our forty-third wedding anniversary this past week. I guess that’s a big deal. Not a big deal like the twenty-fifth (silver) or fiftieth (gold). I think first anniversaries (paper) are special also. If you can’t make it to your first anniversary you aren’t trying. Anniversaries are special to Elaine, probably more special than birthdays. Elaine gently starts reminding me our anniversary is coming around the first of August. She will say things like, “What do you want to do on our anniversary?” Even I can understand, she want to celebrate. I ask, “What day is it?” She’ll reply, “Same as the last forty-two years, August 13th.” “That’s not what I mean, what day

Running, Biking and Falling

I didn’t tell the entire story last week. I told the truth but not the “whole” truth. I wrote a story about going for an extended bike ride because I didn’t want to hang out in the store wearing a mask. That was the truth, but I had another motive. I had to see if I could ride 13.1 miles. If that distance is not familiar to you it is the distance of a half-marathon. Ivy had enrolled in a half-marathon and asked me to ride along for companionship and provide pace. Before beervirus, runners could use other runners to provide companionship and pace. Beervirus social distancing prevents racers from racing other racers. Those type of races are organized months and even years in advance. Ra

Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl Bike Ride

It’s here! The 2020 Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl is underway. Considering the beervirus, the day was pretty successful. Elaine and Ivy maintained a presence in the store, while I went for a bicycle ride. I must have been gone too long, because Elaine called from the store, twice. Little did she know, my “smart” watch was acting up, not connecting to the internet. Elaine was stressed, wondering where I was and I was stressed not knowing how many calories I was burning, how far and how long I had ridden. Elaine doesn’t understand riding a bicycle in 2020. You can’t just get on a bike and start pedaling like we did in our youth. First, a person must sync his/her watch to their phone. Wai

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