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Memorial Day weekend is over. It is time to concentrate on summer. Last summer, I was building a daycare center in a town far away. Much to Elaine’s dismay, “we” didn’t get many of the summer projects finished. I’m paying for it this year. We have plenty of doors to paint, deck railings to repair, flowers to plant, etc. Every Thursday night Elaine will say, “What do you want to accomplish this weekend? You should pick up the materials in town tomorrow so we can get started early Saturday!” She loves it. Elaine’s idea of a great weekend, is working on some carpentry project around our (construction language) 40.65 acres. Don’t get me wrong, I love SOME of our projects, but I should ha

Rainy Memorial Day

“The king is gone but he is not forgotten, this is the story of Johnny Rotten, it’s better to burn out, than it is to rust.” God, I hate this weekend. It was on Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend; seems like a long time ago that Elaine and I lost our son, Alex. The coroner said it was hypothermia. I know it wasn’t hypothermia. Alex’s angel brought him home. His wick was gone. From the time he was a child, Alex burned his wick as if it was in a stick of dynamite. The wick was never in a candle. That Sunday night changed our family’s Memorial Day forever. The celebrations are gone. The rain is always there. It might work for Elaine and I to ignore the day, if not for the twins. We see so mu

Random May Thoughts

I have so many reasons to dislike the month of May, and now this. I have been diagnosed with beerhayfever. I haven’t officially been diagnosed by anyone in the medical profession, but after six decades of enjoying this disease, I feel like I have at a minimum a PhD. This year is different. This year, when I sneeze I cannot sneeze into my hand, elbow, the backseat, or out the window. This year, I am required to sneeze into a mask, neck gaiter, bandana or T-shirt. My eyes itch terribly and are bright red in color. Because of the current health scare (Beervirus, which incidentally has symptoms similar to beerhayfever.) I have been told not to touch my face. Well, rules are made to be broken. To

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day! This has the makings of a great day for Elaine. I have already made the Mother’s Day coffee. OK, I make the coffee every day, but today I made especially for Mother’s Day. Perception is everything. Elaine said, “Oh, thank you! You are so nice!” See, perception is everything. Everyone made it to the house last night. This is the first time in at least six weeks we have all been together. At the start of beervirus, as I have mentioned, we farmed the twins out to a couple families in ‘town” to take advantage of unlimited internet you “city folk” have and we “country folk” need to ration. I awoke to teenagers asleep on the couches. I wondered why they didn’t go to th

Popeye, Long Lines and a PreASS

If you have ever wondered what beervirus, Popeye and breakfast burrito have in common; I’m about to tell you. (I know, you think Monner is about to start rambling, again. Just hear me out, things happen to me.) Can we agree this beervirus thing is making people crazy? Some businesses are closed, some are open. Some people wear masks, some wear bandannas and some don’t wear any face covering at all. Some people believe everything their government and health departments tell them, which I personally don’t understand. There is plenty of conflicting information out there. (Of course, if you are all in, believing one side, you aren't going to read everything available. Yes. I mean you.) I

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