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Ivy's Pattern and Elaine's Car Ride

I have the opportunity today to tell a story about yarn, knitting and someone besides myself. I really don’t mind telling yarn stories, it’s the leaving me out of the story I don’t like. This story is actually months in the making but I was not able to write it until now. Ivy, our daughter and the manager of Your Daily Fiber has designed and published ANOTHER sweater pattern for a major knitting magazine. I couldn’t be prouder. I would have written about this months ago, but the magazine insists they get to debut the pattern. I don’t really know if that’s true, but Ivy thinks it is so I guess I need to believe her. One thing for certain, the process takes so long, I totally forgot about

Story #2

I mentioned I had two stories to write this week. I thought about saving this story until next week but it might be too important. The second story fit perfectly into the category of "why me?" After our son's memorial service in 2003, a group of family and friends were walking on a sidewalk, downtown. Elaine's cousin, a member of the clergy was included in that group. Elaine's cousin pushed me away from the group and asked Cuz: How are you doing? Me: Not good. Cuz: Talk to me. Me: I have no fight left. Cuz: That's not true. I don't believe that's God's plan. Your fight has just begun. I'm not sure how or if I processed the words that day, but I have thought about them hundreds of ti


I have two stories to choose from that happened this week. I have wondered on occasion why me? This was one of those weeks. I have come to believe God and I have similar senses of humor, because this stuff happens to me. I know most of you read these stories to here about the new yarns and stuff that you can buy from Your Daily Fiber. We will get to that in a minute, but I need to tell a construction story. My career in construction does not have many years left. It won’t be long; I will be forced to entertain myself with learning to knit and writing stories about knitters. Yes, I am crying. Yarn is just not funny. I reached a milestone in my career this past week. Most people involv

She's Gone!

It’s better to have loved and lost, than never too have loved at all. It seems it has been all too often that I have written about the loss of a family friend. I am here again. Tuesday morning, I needed to be at work early. Driving down our ¼ mile long driveway, I noticed something was strange. I couldn’t really determine what exactly was strange, it was more of a feeling than anything else. At the end of the driveway, pulling my truck onto the county road, the feeling change to reality. I knew what was strange. Otis was gone. In the short time we have had Otis, I have not had sufficient time to develop a bond. Elaine loved Otis, same for the twins. My relationship with Otis started

Making the Bed

I know I usually write stories on Sunday. When Girl Twin and her friends encountered the snake this past week, I became so excited to tell the story I couldn’t wait until Sunday. I wrote the story days ago; I just cracked yesterday. I had to push the “publish” button. I’ve wanted to address a post I saw on Spacebook a few weeks ago. No guys, I’m not going there. Monner can’t discuss Presidents, riots, masks, statues, tax cuts, walls, tariffs and First Lady’s dresses. Did I miss anything? A friend of mine asked the question in a post, “Do you make the bed every morning?” That simple question started a conversation with Elaine and me. I’ve never made a bed. Oh, I’ve helped Elaine put c

Horror Movies and a Blonde

I don’t watch horror movies. The Exorcist; I’ve never seen it. Texas Chainsaw Massacre; nope. (No other state’s chainsaw massacre, either) Chuckie? Is that the doll or the guy in the hockey mask? I’ve never liked teenagers screaming, I’ve had two generations of that in real life, I can’t see myself paying to watch that. Blood and guts; just watch the evening news. OK, full disclosure. Some people believe “The Shining” is a horror film. I have seen it, but that was because I needed to know what Elaine was capable of when we moved to the mountains. It was like watching a documentary. I have read horror books. When I was younger, I liked the books written by that creepy guy up in Main

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