Sometimes it’s not easy being Monner. I know some of you are wishing you could have my life. Who wouldn’t want to be a newly arrived senior citizen with eleven llamas leaping, four dogs barking, three alpacas grazing, three yaks escaping, two twins fighting and a magpie in the trash. (I think I just wrote a Christmas carol) What, no one is going to raise their hand? I have not replaced my truck that was involved in the traffic accident a couple weeks ago. That leaves us with one vehicle for the five of us. It was a late night in the store. When we arrived home, Elaine, my loving wife, said the words I knew were going to ruin the rest of my evening. Elaine: I don’t see Cheese Me: Oh (maybe if I ignore her she won’t say it again) Elaine: Do you see Cheese? I don’t see Cheese Me: (it didn’t work) Let’s go find him Girl Twin found Cheese grazing in the neighbors pasture. If this were 1880, my neighbor would need to shoot me for allowing my yak to freegraze on his land. Or he could hire a