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No New Animals

I didn't attend a livestock auction this week, which means no new puppies or yak. That said progress was made with the group we have.

Gorden (the white-faced puppy) introduced himself to the yak heard.....again. He is braver and gets closer to the yak as he "speaks" with them. He doesn't seem to care that Mac the Yak outweighs him by eleven hundred pounds.

Goose (black-faced puppy) might be a little smarter than his littermate. Goose has no problem with letting Gorden start trouble with the yaks. While Gorden is talking to the yaks face-to-face, Goose sneaks around from the back. Goose quickly gets out of there when "all hell breaks loose". Is that "construction language"? It doesn't appear out of cowardice, more like just smart.

The twins, Ivy and Elaine settled on names for the newest yaks. I'm sure you remember the new yaks are a cow/calf pair. In keeping with a culinary theme, they have named the cow Wendy and the calf Small Fries. I am curious why the culinary theme, no one in the family ever mentions how tasty they could be. They do speak of how soft their hair is and what great yarn could be made.

Did I mention I had a dental appointment this past week? My mother would be so proud. I can still hear passing on advice, "Take care of your teeth." She sent her sons to the dentist with regularity when we were kids. Speaking for myself, I'll tell you I hated her for it.

I would rather storm the beach in Normandy than go to the dentist. I have never had a good time at the dentist. Mom sent us to a dentist who lived on my paper route. I shouldn't speak ill of the man, but I'm sure he has passed. If he hasn't passed get me his address and I will see if I could help him with that. Not that it matters now but the guy never tipped me, not even at Christmas. Oh, you remember things like that.

I have no proof of what I'm about to say, but this is my story and I'm sticking to it. This dentist filled cavities whether you had one or not. Before you get all fired up, I'll provide evidence in a minute. No matter how much you brushed or flossed if you had an appointment you had a cavity.

A few months before I got married (to Elaine) Mom gave me the old advice, "Take care of your teeth." She made an appointment and sure enough, one cavity. I didn't make an appointment to have it filled.

After I got married Mom didn't let up. "Take care of your teeth." Elaine suggested I schedule an appointment with her dentist. Reluctantly, I scheduled an appointment knowing I had a cavity I had not dealt with. At Elaine's dentist, I had no cavities, none, nada. Not even the one I had neglected. And to top it off that (construction language) never tipped me at Christmas time.

When your career takes you to twenty-five states finding a dentist can be difficult. Along the way I developed a problem, I didn't take care of my teeth, and I had a toothache. I came back home, well, not exactly home, but I found a no-pain dentist in a town near to where I lived. he suggested a root canal and a gold crown. And he offered financing. He fixed the tooth with no pain,

Time goes on the tooth starts to hurt....again. (I wrote about this before.) The dentist has sold his practice and moved on. I found another dentist. He was happy to help me. He started to fill another tooth. "Hey Doc, the pain is on the other side." He said to me, "You have a cavity that I'm filling, I can't do anything with that other tooth. You need a specialist."

At the first appointment with the specialist, she says, "Did anyone ever tell you, you have a drill bit stuck in your tooth?" "nope, I'm pretty sure I would remember that."

It's a long story, but she successfully pulled the drill bit out of my tooth and offered financing. "Take care of your teeth, take care of your teeth!"

I went to the dentist last week. I like the guy. I'm not looking forward to seeing him again, but I like the guy, maybe even more than I like Mom.

God Bless, love ya,

Our crazy lives!



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