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What an interesting week we’ve had. I thought I was going to get to drive an ambulance, but I didn’t. I’ll explain in a minute. Oh, I guess I’ll I will explain it now. I thought for a short time I was going to take Elaine to the hospital driving fast with my emergency flashers on.

Driving fast is something I’ve prepared for and I’ve practiced all my life. Relax, I have slowed my driving down and no longer exceed the speed limit purposely and for fun. Except for the time I left the stove under the dye pots at the store, Your Daily Fiber and I thought I would burn the store down. I drove fast that night. That was fun, right Ivy!

Where was I? Oh yeah, taking Elaine to the hospital.

Elaine was upstairs in our loft bedroom. I was sitting at my computer, watching the puppies fight on the living room floor. I heard Elaine cry out, followed by one heck of a crashing sound. I turned to see Elaine falling, sliding, crashing down the stairs. She fell from the top stair all the way to the bottom stair. Nothing stopped her. If she was on the stairs at Machu Pichu she would still be falling today. You might need to look that one up.

When Elaine got to the bottom step, sadly the puppies got to her before I could. Elaine and her body were tied up like a pretzel between a handrail and two walls with puppies on her back. The puppies thought this was a new game, the more Elaine cried out the more fun they thought the game was.

Full Disclosure: I had to get the puppies outside, before I could tend to Elaine.

Elaine was concious but not moving. She asked for her glasses which I found under her leg that was stuck through the handrail wall. Miraculously, they were not broken, not no bent, and still correctly positioned (bi-focals).

Other than a couple scrapes she was not bleeding. I got her untwisted and standing. She could move, no bones appeared to be broken. I told her we should go to the hospital. She told me she didn’t think she needed to go. She asked if we could wait awhile. One week later we still have not been to the hospital. Elaine is black and blue in areas she didn’t even know she had. She is sore today, but recovering.

Tough, I didn’t realize how tough she is. I ALMOST got to drive my version of an ambulance.

Elaine and I have switched roles. With my back injury of a couple of years ago, Elaine had to take over my ranch duties. Now, I am taking over hers. Marriages are like that. That said, I would suggest we all use every step in the staircase, although it is quicker to get to the bottom if you are falling.

Love ya, God Bless, stay safe and plant your feet, buy yarn

Our crazy lives!



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