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I Lied

I don't consider myself to be a liar, but I have lied, and recently. Before I admit my discretion, I feel I should be able to explain my view on lies.

First, I believe there are white lies in which no one gets hurt. Example: The women on the "View" are the most beautiful on television. This would be a lie, but no one gets hurt, especially the women on the "View". This would not be the kind of lie I told.

Next would be a lie that makes someone happy. Example: Monner has never lied in Monner's Mumblings. This would technically not be a lie, but sometimes I have found myself stretching the story ever so slightly to make the story believable. I'm sure you can find your own examples of these almost lies in the past Monner's Mumblings stories.

Before I give the final description of a white lie, I would like to describe a "black" lie. A black lie is meant to deceive or hurt others. Black lies are usually told by criminals, politicians, politicians, children, and college presidents. Examples: "Forget what you saw, I did not steal the car." "I did not cheat with that woman." "I was not high when I bought the gun." "Of course, I wrote that paper myself."

My final description of a white lie is not always the teller's fault. The teller might be passing along information that the teller thinks is true. Or the situation has changed after the lie is told. That, my friends, is what happened to me today. I told a white lie. It would be very easy for me to deny having told a lie had I not shared it on the internet. I wouldn't want any little Mumblers thinking if Monner can lie, so can I. This is similar to George Washington and the cherry tree.

Recently I wrote a story titled, "It's Father's Day". Most of the story was a lie. As the story said, all of my children were coming to my house for Father's Day. Not one of my kids came to my house. After I shared "it's Father's Day" on the internet one of our kids telephoned Elaine.

Kid: Hey, I'm on call at work. I don't think I can make it back to town if I come ALL the way up there.

Elaine: Well, what do you want to do?

Kid: Can you guys come to town? We can celebrate at my roommate's restaurant

Elaine: I'll ask Monner, You ask the rest of the kids

Monner: I planned on playing in my greenhouse, but I guess we can drive to town.

Rest of kids: Yes, we can stay in town, we don't want to drive ALL the way up there, anyway.

I lied when I said I was going to have the kids at our house. I did not lie about gifts. 66% of the kids bought gifts.

I had a GREAT Father's Day. I feel a little sorry for the puppies, they spent a good portion of the day in a kennel.

I hope your day was great. God Bless you and your dads. Love ya, Come see the yaks, call first. I might be with the kids in town.

Our crazy lives!



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