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3rd Grade…Again

It looks like we have a bunch of happy people out there. I have had several conversations with people about how happy they are that the summer temperatures have dropped. I guess I can see some positive in that, but I know what comes next. It’s not that I don’t like cold weather; it’s just I like to wear shorts and Wally World’s cheap version of plastic shoes. I have four pairs, two black and two blue. I keep them spread out around the house. That makes it easy for the puppies to find something to chew. Some people are happy the kids are back in school. The twins, and Elaine. Ivy and I are in third-grade. This is the second time that the adults were in the third-grade. Speaking for myself, I was happy to have already completed the third-grade, but this is 2011 and homework is now a family affair. Mrs. Mummert, my third-grade teacher at Moore Elementary, didn’t assign homework during my first education.. We did the work in school. If we didn’t get it finished we finished it by doing it during recess. Being in the third-grade again is really a positive thing for me. I have learned many different ways to write the number 20. Did you know that you can put twenty dots on the paper and that represents the number twenty? Twenty slashes is also another way to write 20. Don’t just write 20, that would be wrong, or maybe right, now I’m really confused. Elaine should have said yes, last year when the school suggested I be held back. Boy Twin and I were working hard on this new math. I was really getting an education. We were just about finished and we were really happy about it. Me: Are we finished? Boy Twin: No, we need to find a calculator Me: What? Boy Twin: A calculator, we need one Me: We get to use a calculator? Boy Twin: Yes I quickly realized how much of my youth was wasted by Mrs. Mummert and my other teachers teaching us to add and subtract. I let myself get pretty worked up. Then I remembered we didn’t have calculators. “Mrs. Mummert, it is not your fault, I was just born fifty years too early.” Our crazy lives! Monner

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