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My life in the store.

It is about time to go back to my construction life. Hanging around the store is getting habit forming. Ivy is actually depending on me and expects certain things of me. It is now my job to answer the phone. I'm getting pretty good at it.

Me: Your Daily Fiber! Phone customer: Is Ivy in? Me: She is teaching a class, is there anything I can help you with? Customer: Is Elaine in? Me: She will be here in 15 minutes, may I help you? Customer: I will call back later.

I greet customers in the store. Most of the customers are quite nice. They respond nicely and ask how my day is going before they ask, "Oh, Ivy's not here?" Believe it or not, some customers are surprised to see me. "Oh great, this store hired a greeter to bother us."

The truth is I love being able to help the customers.

Customer: I've heard good things about theses needles, can you tell me about them? Me: Well, they come in a blue package and it looks like we have several of them. Customer: Does anyone work in this store? Me: IVY! Can you help this young lady? I need to do some things in the back room.

I have a big, soft chair in the corner of the office. I can actually take a nap in it. I know this because I accidentally fell asleep in it a couple times. This place can wear you out.

Most of the yarn that is dyed in the store is dyed by me. I learned to dye yarn by watching Elaine. She has dyed yarn since she was in college. I notice that everything Elaine dyed was brown, browner, and brownest. Someone had to take that job away from her. I think the customers would have preferred Ivy do that also, but she simply does not have time.

Ok, it was pretty quiet at the ranch and the store this week. I had to write something.

Our crazy lives!


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