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Surprise breakfast for Grandma

I seldom use an alarm clock. For reasons unknown to me if I need to wake up at a certain time, I just wake up. I think it has to do with I am a pretty light sleeper. I wake up at strange noises, full moons, cars driving by and dogs barking.

Last night I was awaken by a cough. A cough would not usually wake my but this cough was coming from the living room. I got out of bed to check out what was going on. The twins were sleeping on the living room floor.

Although it was a little strange, things seemed to be in order and I went back to bed.

Sometime around first light, I woke up again. I opened my eyes and noticed a nine year old girl holding a piece of sausage next to my bed.

Me: What are you doing?

Girl Twin: What temperature should I cook this?

Me: What are you doing?

Girl Twin: We want to cook breakfast for Grandma! How do I cook this?

Me: Great, that’s nice. Who’s we?

Girl Twin: Me and Boy Twin.

Me: I think you should go back to bed and wait a little while.

I went back to an uneasy sleep. A short time later the nine year old was back.

Girl Twin: How many eggs should I make?

Me: I guess make an egg for everyone. What’s Boy Twin doing?

Girl Twin: He’s cooking sausage!

She happily scampered off, and I laid there for awhile. It was the unmistakeable smell of burning toast that got me out of bed. Time to check it out.

Imagine my surprise when I entered the kitchen. Egg shells on the counter and floor. Milk jug on the counter and no one knows where the cap is. Surprisingly, no one had it last! Boy Twin was holding a piece of ice on his thumb.

Me: Did you burn yourself?

Boy Twin: It’s not bad. It hurts.

Me: You need to let me look at that.

He was right, it wasn’t really bad.

Keeping with the theme of the morning, I started a pot of coffee. That of course was after I dropped a full basket of coffee grounds on the floor. The twins set the table and went to wake up Grandma.

Elaine: Oh, this is really nice, thanks guys!

Me: If you like this, you are really going to like the kitchen!

We have really great kids, don’t you think?

Ok, I need to get serious for a minute. Our friend, Kathy Hartmeister lost her house and belongings in the High Park fire. If you are a knitter, you might have come across Kathy at a trade show, class or whatever. Kathy is/was a teacher and helper to everyone. She could use a hand.

We are having a knit-in fundraiser for Kathy at the store July 21st. We be collect donations and having a silent auction. We have a lot of good stuff to be auctioned. Check out our website, facebook, ravelry or call the store for updates.

Happy Fourth of July!

Our crazy lives!


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