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Monner, Store Manager

Even though what brings us together for these stories is a yarn shop, I know very little about fiber arts. I can’t knit, crochet, spin or anything like that . OK, I can dye yarn, but anyone can do that. With that in mind, I can’t believe my wife and daughter still leave me in this store alone.

Elaine and Ivy traveled to Taos this weekend for the Wool Festival annual meetings. Guess who stayed behind to run the store. Yep, ol’ Monner and the twins. And the twins were in school Friday, so I was here by myself.

I arrived at the store Friday morning and started the day just like Ivy or Elaine was with me. I fixed myself a cup of coffee and sat down at the computer to read the newspaper online. That’s about the time it started getting hectic. Here comes the delivery guy. “Where do you want these boxes? Sign here. I’ll just put them here!” He put three large boxes in the middle of the sales floor.

“Oh crap, I’m going to need to move those boxes. I wish Ivy was here, She could open them and put the stuff away.” I went back to the Internet. The boxes sitting there were starting to get the best of me. It was like they were staring at me.

I looked out the window and saw a customer coming into the store. I thought it would be a good idea to open the boxes and act like I was putting away the new stuff. That way it wouldn’t look like I had left boxes in the middle of the sales floor. I scurried around and opened the boxes.

As luck would have it, of course, the customer looked in the boxes. And of course, she wants what is in them. Now, I need to find out how much the yarn costs. This is the stuff Ivy knows how to do. Me, I can make coffee. And darn fine coffee. Pricing yarn, I might not be very good at that.

I went to the computer. I found the pricing I was looking for. I felt like Bill Gates II, or maybe like Ivy’s helper.

I was able to make the sale. The customer complimented me on how much help I had given her. Obviously, she had no idea how far over my head she placed me. After she left, I went back to what I’m really good at. I made myself a cup of coffee, darn fine coffee, and went back to the internet. The boxes of yarn kept staring at me. I knew I was going to need to put the rest of the yarn on the shelf.

When Ivy got back from Taos, the yarn was put away, and the store was in order. She thinks I mostly sit when I’m in the store. (She is probably right!) But not this past weekend, I was truly in charge!

Our crazy lives!


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