Two 2′s and Still Bitter

During my elementary school years we were graded (1) for above average; (2) average; (3) below average. We weren’t graded with the typical A thru F until we attended junior high.

A couple friends and I decided in the sixth grade, we were going to get a report card with all 1′s for grades. Two of my friends accomplished our goals. Me? Nope, I didn’t accomplish my goal. I received all 1′s except for 2- 2′s. I know, you are thinking; the 2′s I received were in grammar and creative writing. Nope. you’re wrong. My 2′s were in art and music.

To this minute, I think was just as good at 6th grade art and music as my buddies. Evidently, Mrs. Zollner felt differently. Needless to say, that was the last interest I had in art or music. Oh, I listen to music when talk radio doesn’t interest me. I think there are some very talented artists out there, but truthfully, I have never seen art I needed to have.

With that in mind, somehow I have a very artistic family. Elaine has a degree in art and attended college on a music scholarship. My son loved to draw and was quite good at it. Ivy draws excellent caricatures. Boy Twin had artwork voted best in the school. Girl Twin might be the best of them all. If a subject remains still for any length of time, Girl Twin can and will sketch it.

I guess it is time to get to the point.

I have written a couple times about my need to dye yarn for our store. (OK, it was more than a couple, but I have an ego that some would consider slightly bigger than large.) People seem to like the yarn I dye.

This past week I was contacted by the director of an upcoming fiber festival. She asked me to teach classes at the festival in dyeing yarn. This took me by surprise, although she has personally purchased yarn that I have dyed. I asked, “Why me?” Her response makes me giggle, “We are looking for someone to te