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The Websites are a Changin’

Once again, I have proven to myself that technology has left me behind. Once again, customers have complained that are website is not working. Oh, it’s working, just not well.

We’ve heard that the website is slow, it takes too long to load. I didn’t understand what customers meant by that. I thought it was supposed to take a while so you had time to get some more coffee.

What happen to the world, does everything need to be instantaneous? Do you remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If we were building Rome today I seriously don’t think it would still be standing in a couple thousand years.

If you put it simply, don’t websites take the place of the book with the yellow pages? It took time to use that book. Just finding where the kids put it in the house takes time. Searching for the “yellow pages” gives a person plenty of time to refill their coffee cup.

The truth is, I don’t read any websites other than this one. I call information when I need a phone number (or ask Elaine, Ivy, or the twins to do that “google” thing). Well, I have looked over Elaine’s shoulder when she is buying something “online” from Orange Depot. Elaine likes to shop at Orange Depot while at her computer. I just like to drive there.

I do look at that “Facebook” thing. People must really love me. They invite me to tea parties. Some tell me not to go to tea parties. If they have a coffee party, I’m going. Some people send me recipes, pictures of owls, photos of their kids, and all the stuff I’m really nee

ding to see. (I’m beginning to see why the web is better than the book with yellow pages.)

Ivy: Monner, our website is too slow, we need to fix it! Me: I think it is fine, people are looking at it everyday. Ivy: Yes, but it is capable of much more if we get a better, faster one. Me: Like what? Ivy: Well, you might get more comments on your stories. Me: Nice ones? Ivy: Maybe! Me: I’ve been saying for months now we need a new website. What are you waiting for?

A new website is in the works, SOON! Elaine (actually Ivy) found a designer. The three of them are building a new site.

Did I say building? Actually, I don’t think they are “building” a website. I have not seen any of them use a hammer. The hammer user; that would be me.

The basement is coming along fine. I should be finished before Christmas. The website should be finished before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned!

Our crazy lives.


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