The First of Three Stories

I don’t know where to start. I could tell the story of Lizzie (our less than attractive Great Pyrenees) going for a run. I could tell the story of the SBA inspector assessing the flood damage to our house. And of course, there is a story about being stuck in the ice trying to drive home.

I would like to do the SBA story first, however, they might not think it is funny as I do and I would really like them to give me a low interest loan.

With that in mind, let’s start with a dog story. It’s kind of fitting to the holiday season. This story includes neighbors working together, dogs and a happy ending; well sort of.

About a mile and a half up the road we have a “neighbor” with a young boy child. This young boy is a couple years younger than Boy Twin. Boy twin enjoys playing with this child. They seem to have fun in spite of the age difference. Of course, they are the only pre-teen boys in a 15 mile radius.

The parents of this child are nice people. We chat at the mailbox and bus stop. Let’s call them the “neighbors”.

The story begins with the “Neighbors” asking us for a favor (which we do up here). Seems the “neighbors” had an early morning business meeting in a town in Wyoming. The neighbors asked Elaine if they could drop their son off early one morning and we could take him to the school bus stop with the twins. We have done this before.

Mr. Neighbor escorted his son to our front door (as he has done every time before). Mr. Neighbor decided he had a little time to chat with Elaine. Where was Monner? I was upstairs getting into the shower. (I told you it was early)

I could hear Elaine yelling, “SHUT THE DOOR, SHUT THE DOOR!” Seems Mr. Neighbor was holding the front door open while he was chatting.