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They aren’t even sorry!

My lovely daughter (Ivy) recently asked me a question. “Monner, why is it that you never write about the store?” It was quite an interesting question, considering a few months back, Ivy and her mother unceremoniously fired me.

It’s not that I’m bitter about having lost the best job I’ve ever had, it’s just that I’m asked to “help” out a little when there is a job only “Monner” can do. I’ve been asked to plow snow off the lot, get “ice melt” for the walks, call the landlord, and stuff like that.

No longer am I asked to help pick out new yarns, meet with yarn reps, rearrange displays or anything like that. I did get to answer the phone a couple days ago. It was some yarn rep on the other end. He was confirming his meeting with Ivy and Elaine to pick new yarns.

Yarn rep: Are we still meeting at 2:00, Wednesday? Me: I can’t be there at 2:00 o’clock! Rep: You’re not invited!

Obviously, they have forgotten all the good ideas I have brought to the table. Back in the old store, we had a couple yarn tastings. My idea! Well, I read about them on some yarn store owners website. You get a bunch of samples of new yarns, invite your customers to compare one yarn to another, have refreshments and chat. I guess they are having another one but I’m not invited. You are invited but not me, go figure. Check the website for details.

Back when I was involved with the store I received an email about a knitting retreat somewhere up in Minnesota, I think. I thought, what a great idea. We have cool stuff around here to see. I talked to Ivy and Elaine and we decided to have a knitting retreat. Then, I was asked to find another job. Ivy arranged to have a knitting retreat and guess what? Yep, I’m not invited! They didn’t even name the (construction language) thing after me. It’s not “Monner’s Wild West Knitting Retreat”, it is just simply “The Wild West Knitting Retreat”. My idea, no invite or recognition. Hmmm. They want you guys to attend. It won’t be snowing during the retreat, so I would have nothing to plow. Check the website.

I have another idea, but I’m not sharing this one with them. I’m thinking about having a mini-trade show, in our parking lot. I’m thinking of inviting artisans to bring their works to the store parking lot some Saturday this spring and let them sell their stuff. We have a bunch of great artists in this town and we have a great parking lot.

Ivy and Elaine don’t know anything about this idea. But that doesn’t really matter, when I get it organized I won’t be invited. Oh, yeah, I do have artists committed to my idea. When I was involved. Keep your eye on the website.

Our crazy lives!


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