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(Construction Language), it’s Cold!

Winter has come back to Northern Colorado. It’s been crazy cold. It says something about how cold it is when we get excited to see above zero temperatures again; and I’m talking about daytime temperatures.

Girl Twin came home from school and “mentioned” it was 46 degrees in her classroom. They have been studying the metric system in school, so I let that that comment go over my head. I thought she was giving me the temperature in Celsius. Something made me do a rough conversion in my head. (Yes, I can do some math without a calculator. And yes, it surprises me, also.) I will save you the trouble, 46 degrees Celsius is too hot for a classroom.

Me: Are you sure that was the temperature? Girl Twin: Yes, it was so cold in our classroom we get to wear our coats. Me: Why didn’t you have heat in the classroom? Girl Twin: The furnace is broken; they will have it fixed on Saturday.

Our kids are sitting in a classroom with NO heat. This is the same classroom that the kids couldn’t attend school in last September because it was too hot. I find it “funny” that the district can cancel school for being too hot, but not for being too cold. I find it “funny” that the school cannot inform parents that a portion of the school is without heat.

I’m not really upset because the kids are wearing their coats, however, this situation has taken away one of my best weapons for them going to school in the winter. Now when I tell them “I walked to school in the snow with bread wrappers on my feet”, all I hear is “Oh yeah, we need to wear our coats in class!”

It has been so cold snow is actually hanging around on the roads. The slick roads are causing traffic accidents. The school bus carrying the twins and a few other kids was run off the road by a semi-truck in the wrong lane. Our bus swerved to avoid the semi and slid off the road into the snow. Thankfully no one was hurt. I don’t even think the kids were scared. We don’t have amusement parks in Northern Colorado, so every once in a while we spin our vehicles around in the snow.

With any luck, next week the climate will change again and the twins could get by with “hoodies” in their classroom.

Our crazy lives!


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