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Stop, Monner, Stop

I think I made a decision I am going to regret.

It is springtime in Colorado and that only means one thing. OK, it means more than one thing but, I’m only going to talk about one thing. Baby chickens.

Springtime in Colorado means the feed supply stores are filled with baby chickens, oh yeah and baby ducks. Now that I mention it, one of the feed stores has baby turkeys, also.

For the last couple years my kids have been asking if they could raise ducks. having ducks didn't seem like the best of ideas to me. Ducks like to be around water. The closet lake to our house is at least 10 miles away. There are a couple ponds nearby, but they usually dry up in the early summer. None of those ponds are on our property anyway.

The kids tried to convince me they could get a small wading pool for the ducks. I just couldn’t convince myself having ducks was a good idea.

I walked into my favorite feed store to finalize a hay purchase and the store had a bathtub sized tub next to the register. The clerk asked if she could help me. what came out of my mouth surprised even me!

Me: I need three bales of grass hay and I will take four female ducks. Store clerk: These ducks have been sold, that will be $45.00 for the hay (hay is expensive). Me: Can you order some/ Clerk: What kind would you like? Me: (Oh, Oh, now I am realizing I don’t know anything about ducks) Ah, egg layers, whatever you can get. (I don’t think I fooled her) Clerk: I will get you a couple (I forgot) and a couple (I forgot, again) They will be here next week. Me: That will be great.

As you can see I could have stopped myself. I don’t know what happened. She told me the duck were already sold. I had a way out of the mess I was making for myself. Even after I ordered the ducks I could have not picked them up and let the store sell them to someone else. But no not me, I went right to the store and told Ivy, “I just bought you guys some ducks.”

Ivy jumped up and hugged me. I was wondering why did I tell her, Now we are getting the ducks.

It gets worse. Ivy went home and told Elaine we were getting ducks. I not sure Elaine was all that happy.

Elaine: We are getting duck? I wanted those funny looking chickens that have feathers on their heads that look like hats. Me: I guess we can get some of those. Ivy: I can pick them up tomorrow.

The feed store was out of the hat wearing chickens. Ivy had to order them. Ivy picked them up later in the week. Do you know what I said? “Did you ONLY get two?” Back to the store for three more.

I could have stopped. Does anyone want to help enlarge a chicken coop?

Our crazy lives!


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