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Boy Will Be Boys!

The twins participated in sleepovers this week. Sleepovers are quite common these days. I didn’t have sleepovers when I was a kid. My parents had five kids. There was absolutely no way my dad was going to have another kid to feed and house for a night. I’m not sure he wanted the five kids he had sleeping in his house. (Ok, I had a cousin spend the night a couple times, but he was a relative. I slept at a boy scout slumber party once, but not at my house.)

I’m not really crazy about have a house full of noisy kids that go to sleep at 3:00 in the morning, but it doesn’t happen often. It is not like I/we haven’t tried it. Remember, I’m on my second batch of kids.

The first batch of kids had video games that they held in their hands. They tired of them quickly and they went outside to play. If was summer time they would stay outside until after dark, come in grab some pizza, watch TV until they fell asleep.

My second batch of kids are different. The video games of today need an entire room to play. Teamed with surround sound speakers video games are “enjoyed” by everyone in the house and possibly every house within a mile.

I know, I sound like a crumudgeon. I’ve earned that title, and I am proud.

Boy Twin’s sleepover was at a friend’s house. We hosted Girl twin’s sleepover.

Girl Twin’s sleepover was actually quite painless. Neither Girl Twin or her friend are much for video games. The girls went exploring on the property. They got wet and muddy down at the ditch, exhausted themselves running came back to the house for pizza (somethings never change) and were asleep by 11:00.

Boy Twin’s sleepover was painless until he came home. His sleepover was attend by four boys, four eleven year old boys. I don’t think they went to bed. NOT AT ALL!

Call me crazy but I like to know what the kids are doing when they aren’t with me. I thought I would ask him what they did at his friends house.

Me: How did it go? Boy Twin: Fine, we had fun. Me: What did you guys do? BT: We drove the Polaris Ranger (look it up) around, and played with our BB guns. Me: Oh. BT: We broke the windshield with my head. (no emotion) Me: What? How? BT: One of the boys foot slipped off the gas and my head hit the windshield.

OK, it looked like it was time to ask more questions.

Me: Boy Twin, I’ve driven cars for a whole bunch of years and I have never seen that happen. Maybe it is time you told me what really happened. BT: Well, that’s what I think happened, but I’m OK and the parents weren’t mad. Me: So what else did you guys do? BT: I told you we played with the Air Soft BB guns. Me: Yeah, I see you have Buddy’s Air Soft, does she know you have it? BT: This isn’t Buddy’s gun, my friend GAVE me one of his. He has fourteen of them.

Boy Twin was a little upset when I informed him sleepover at my house won’t include four boys with airsoft guns. Maybe I am meaner with this second batch of kids. I thought I’ve earned the right to make rules at my house. However, I should be happy they weren’t playing video games.

Our crazy lives!


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