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Middle School Shots

I might have come down a couple notches on my self-appointed title of “Greatest Father Ever”, at least in Girl Twin’s eyes. Sadly, I think I was set up. I was volunteered to take the twins to the doctor for pre-Middle School immunizations.

I don’t think you can be considered for any award when you are the one who takes the kids for their shots.

The appointment was going great. The doctor informed me she had not seen Girl Twin since her last set of shots. I’m not sure she was telling me that because it was a good thing or a bad thing. Hey, this kid doesn’t get sick. Is that my fault? Isn’t that why we give them shots in the first place? If they want me to take the twins to the doctor, then we should stop with the shots and let them get sick. Then it would make sense to take them to the doctor, right?

The doctor wasn’t entirely correct. Girl Twin was at the doctor’s office last month. Girl Twin was seen by another of the partners. Girl Twin was complaining about some “clicking” and pain in her foot. She also had a small bump on the top of her foot. The doctor felt her foot on all sides doing that, “Does this hurt?” thing. “Nope, yep, nope, yep, yep, nope.”

The doctor thought we/they should take a couple x-rays. I didn’t really do much. I stood behind the screen. (I bring this up in case you were wondering what I was doing.)

The x-rays showed nothing abnormal. The doctor sent Girl Twin home telling her to take it easy and it will feel better. He billed the insurance and once again, EVERYONE WINS. This health care stuff is great.

Sorry, I got distracted. This story was about getting immunized for school.

Anyway, Boy Twin received three shots. He didn’t like any of them. He refused to cry. He has that that “he is too big to cry” thing. Just wait, there is stuff out there that makes even the biggest, hardest, meanest men cry.

It was Girl Twin’s turn. Something told me I might want to hold her hand. The nurse handed me both of her hands. I squeezed, she jerked. The first shot is finished. For the second shot I thought it might be a good idea to hold her. I wrapped my arms around her and she started getting loud. Second shot done. For the third shot I put my hand over her mouth to muffle her screaming. The third shot was over as quick as the other two.

Girl Twin took a minute to compose herself sitting on a chair. I asked her if she was doing OK and she said, “I’m fine, let’s get out of here.” I signed the insurance crap and we headed for the elevator.

Going to the elevator the twins argued about who was going to push the buttons. (They always do that.) The twins and I took the short ride in the elevator to the lobby (three floors). The door opened and we headed for the parking lot.

I seldom walk WITH the twins. They stop to touch, look at, and sometimes break everything between point A and point B. I just walk to where I’m going and let them catch up. I unlocked the drivers door of the truck and got inside. The twins climbed in the passenger side. Girl Twin said something that I didn’t quite understand.

Girl Twin: I can’t believe you left me. Me: What are you talking about? Girl Twin: You left me in the elevator. Me: What are you talking about? You are with us. Girl Twin: The door opened and you and Boy Twin left. I passed out and the door closed. I was alone. Me: What are you talking about? You were here with your brother to get in the truck. Girl Twin: I had to run, you left me.

I can only guess, but I am pretty sure I would have noticed she wasn’t with me before I actually drove away. I don’t think she was passed out in the elevator for very long. When I started the truck she was there. However, should you ever find Girl Twin passed out in an elevator could you call me?

Our crazy lives!


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