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She Did It Again!

Over the years I have been asked/forced to look at a million knitting patterns. Most of the patterns I have been able to grunt out an opinion and my job was done. Not that my opinion was going to mean anything.

Not only did Elaine teach Ivy to knit, she taught Ivy to ignore my thoughts about knitting. (We will get to this later.)

Recently (very recently) Ivy showed me a pattern of ANOTHER shawl. She showed the pattern to her mother also, but that goes without saying. Ivy told me this was the shawl she was going to make for the county fair.

We are now at the part where Ivy ignores my opinion.

Ivy: This is the shawl I’m going to make for the county fair. Me: It looks pretty big. (Now you can see why she values my opinion.) Ivy: Do you think it is pretty? Me: Yeah, it is pretty. How big is that thing? Why do you want to enter the fair again? Ivy: Some of the customers in the store are asking me what I’m making for the fair this year. I need to enter something. It is only 300 hundred rows. If I knit 15 rows a day I will have time to block the shawl and finish it and get it to the fair on time. Me: You could just tell them I’m not entering this year. The shawl is a circle, the rows will get BIGGER as you go. Ivy: Oh really? I think I realize that. I’m going to do it.

Knitting 15 rows each day proved to be an easy goal, for awhile. I noticed Ivy seemed to be knitting more everyday. It seemed if Ivy was awake she had knitting needles in her hand.

Me (and Elaine): Ivy, why are you doing this? Are you having any fun? Ivy: Yeah, this is fun. Elaine: What row are you on? Ivy: Row 88, only 212 rows to go. Me: How big is that thing? Why don’t you just find a place to quit. Ivy: I can’t do that, it will ruin the pattern. I can finish!

The knitting continued. Ivy started wearing compression wrist bands. She was knitting so much her hands and wrists hurt. She was staying up later and later. I overheard her telling the twins she was going to pull a couple all-nighters. She insisted she was having fun. (I think she was fibbing)

Elaine: What row are you on? Ivy: Row 176, only 124 rows to go.

Imagine our surprise!

Ivy: I can’t finish, the rows are getting so big it is taking 45 minutes for each row. I’m going to enter my hat, and finish the shawl for next year. Elaine: That’s a great idea! Me: Were you knitting last night at 2:00 AM? Ivy: Yes, why were you up? Me: I’m over 50.

Things were great for about a day. No knitting! And then I opened my big mouth.

I received a phone call from an old friend. He asked me if Ivy was going to enter the fair this year. This guy knows nothing about yarns, knitting or even what the fair is. He just likes Ivy. And he really enjoyed Ivy winning the ribbons last year. The Quarterback told me Ivy needs to win again this year. I told Ivy what he said. BIG MISTAKE!

I thought Ivy thought it was cute that the Quarterback was interested. She had a slightly different take on what I thought she would. Ivy said, ”I can’t let him down, I need to finish!”

Me: Ivy, he doesn’t even know what a shawl is. You have already decided to stop and lost a day. Ivy: I need to finish. Elaine: Ivy, let’s look at the pattern and see if we can shorten the shawl. Ivy: I can’t shorten the pattern, the leaves and acorns won’t look right. Oh wait, a minute, I could…….. and then………

Ivy altered the pattern, finished the shawl and won the fair again. The Quarterback is not any wiser. He just knows she won…… again. Good job, Ivy!

Our crazy lives!


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