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It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Well, Christmas is here, and it is snowing. I know, you heard about Colorado and “white” Christmases. Well the truth is we don’t have that many of them. But we have one today and it looks like it is going to be a good one.

The packages have been opened. At least the ones we can find.

Since the twins have lived with us we have had plenty of times we have purchased or made two of the same thing. Even Santa brings two of the same thing. The items won’t be the same color, but it is the same item. This Christmas was no exception. The twins collected two sleds, (one green, one blue); two phone cases, (one gray, one black) and two pairs of headphones’ one red and one ah……..well, we’re not really sure.

We’re not really sure what color Girl Twin’s headphones are because she didn’t get to open them. She didn’t open the headphones because they weren’t under the tree. It seems, Elaine couldn’t remember where she hid them from snooping twins, waiting for Christmas morning. I know, normally we should be concerned when someone hides something and can’t remember where they hid the thing. The truth is, I not concerned at all. Elaine has always been an excellent hider.

Twenty years ago, Elaine hid Christmas presents from Ivy. We found one of the Christmas presents six months after Christmas. Actually, the only reason we found the Christmas present was we were packing up everything in the house because we were moving. Elaine handed Ivy the DVD in June and told her Merry Christmas. Elaine has no equal when it comes to hiding stuff.

I’m sure we could find the headphones, but we’ve kind of lost interest. They will turn up someday. It is kind of concerning. We are not planning to move next summer. It might be easier to buy new headphones.

The twins did get a Christmas surprise. It seems Santa decided to fire a warning shot over their heads. Santa left a small pouch of coal in their stockings this year. Accompanying the coal was a note, informing the twins that their behavior could have been a little less “teenaged” this past year. I can only imagine how disappointed Santa will be next year if the twins engage in another year of “middle school” behaviors.

If you are wondering about the twins getting phone cases, yes, they received new cell phones, also. Even though the phones were gift wrapped and under the tree, I refuse to call them presents. What kind of Santa would bring children presents that cost parents $80/month for the next two years.

I’ll write about a few things in a couple days. I’ve got to get back to the family. I hope your holiday was wonderful. I hope you laughed with the people you love. From our family and Your Daily Fiber (after all, this is a knitting blog) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Share some laughs.

Our crazy lives!


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