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Another Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is over, and not a minute to soon. It has been a busy week for the family.

The twins attended their first Valentine’s Day dance. Yep, twelve year old kids in sixth grade dancing at the school dance. It was Sadie Hawkins dance, the kind where girls invite the boys. It seems harmless, I guess.

I asked Boy Twin if he was invited into the dance.

Me: Are you going to the dance? Boy Twin: No. (He’s loves to talk) Me: Did you get invited? Boy Twin: Yes Me: Do I know the girl? Boy Twin: Three girls. Me: You were invited by three girls? Boy Twin: Well, look at me!

These are non-fiction stories, I don’t make this up.

I danced in the sixth grade. Of course, it happened in Phys. ED. class; square dancing with a bunch of guys. It is no small wonder I am the great dancer that I am today.

I don’t like sixth grade school dances. I just don’t get it. Girl Twin had to get a new dress for the dance. Girl Twin doesn’t wear dresses. Well, that is not entirely true. Girl Twin doesn’t wear OLD dresses.

You see, living where we live, dresses are not the favored attire of Girl Twin. Pants and cowboy/girl boots are what she wears. But not to school dances. She would want to wear a dress. One that we would need to buy for her. Because she doesn’t own a dress. She will wear the dress for six hours. A couple hours before the dance, a couple hours at the dance and maybe a couple hours after the dance.

The next time she puts on the dress she will have grown and the dress will be to small. Are you starting to see why I don’t like school dances?

Boy Twin changed his mind and went to the danced, without an escort. He decided ten minutes before Elaine needed to leave the house to take Girl Twin to the dance. He didn’t need new attire. He threw on a shirt with buttons, an old necktie and headed out to the car. Pants? He didn’t wear any. He had on a pair of his everyday silky gym shorts and old stinky athletic shoes. Yes, this is the same kid who received three invitations.

After 37+ years of marriage Elaine and I still take Valentine’s Day serious. We always do something special.

One of our early Valentine’s together, Elaine thought it would be fun to send me a Candy-gram. I was on one of construction sites when I saw a scantily clad young lady carrying balloons and flowers walking across the site. She asked me where she could find a guy named Monner. (not really the named she asked for.) I said, “Let me take you to him, he is really going to appreciate this.” I led her over to Carl who was working on the site. I turned around and left the area. You know, I think Carl really did appreciate the gesture, however, I made him give me the balloons and flowers. Hey, I was the boss!

A couple weeks ago Elaine mentioned her wedding ring was breaking. We talked about getting it replaced. I think we are on the third or fourth wedding ring. When you have been married as long as we have and have been as active with your hands as Elaine is, even your wedding ring will wear out.

Elaine’s first wedding ring had diamonds. That was the first and only time I have ever bought her diamonds. I know, you think I’m thrifty to a fault. OK, I am, but that’s not what happened here. Elaine has never wanted another diamond. Ask her!

Valentine’s Day Elaine and I were together and alone. I suggested we look at wedding rings. Elaine said it might be fun.

To my surprise Elaine started looking at rings with diamonds. She picked a couple of very pretty rings. She didn’t seem to committed, so we continued our special Valentine’s Day date. We didn’t bring home a ring but the same store was having a sale on strawberries and coffee creamer. Who could pass that up?

Our crazy lives!


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