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Strength and Conditioning

Well, here it is the 4th of July. I can’t believe the summer is half over.

This summer seems like school never ended. I get up at the same time Monday through Friday to take a kid to school. No, the kids are not going to summer school. One of them could definitely benefit by going to summer school and retaking a computer class (of all things) but that’s not why I take a kid to school.

Elaine signed Boy Twin up for a strength and conditioning camp; The (construction language) thing start at 7:00 in the morning. We (Elaine and I) missed signing him up for the baseball camp that started at 9:00 in the morning, which would allow the entire family to sleep in. Did I say it was Elaine and I? Well, it was not Elaine and I? It was Elaine, all Elaine!

I kind of feel sorry for Elaine because she gets up early to get him to camp also. But mostly I feel sorry for me. Girl Twin thinks she is strong enough; she decided not to go to camp. She sleeps until noon. I cannot actually verify what time she gets up because I have left the house six hours before noon, but who’s counting?

Getting Boy Twin up for camp is different than getting him up for school. I get up make coffee and yell down the stairs for him to wake up. I could and probably should walk down the stairs to wake him. We have thirteen steps in that staircase and it is extremely dangerous walking down that many steps that time of the morning. It is best to yell.

I yell and Boy Twin replies, “I’m up!” He’s really not up and I know it. It’s a game we play. Well, he plays and I get (construction language, rhymes with kissed). This goes on for three or four times until he comes up and tells me, “Maybe I’ll take a day off today.”

I’m awake this time of the morning just to take him to camp. Staying home is not his option anymore. He’s going!

The game does not end there. You see, Boy Twin mostly likely stayed up past midnight and simply cannot function at that time in the morning. I know, it is my responsibility to make sure he gets to bed at a reasonable time, but those thirteen steps are dangerous at night also.

Eventually, Boy Twin tires of the game and comes upstairs. (Stairs are safer going up. Almost no one falls going upstairs.) Of course, he is not dressed. That starts a whole new game. I call it the “You can’t go dressed like that, where are your shomonnersmumblings.comes?” game. This is the game I like to play the least. I have my shoes on, why doesn’t Boy Twin?

We are usually about five minutes late getting to camp. Boy Twin is OK with that. It usually shortens his warm-up jog. One morning we were about fifteen minutes late. His campmates were jogging around the school for their warm-up when we arrived at camp. Boy Twin realized how late he was and asked to be let out of the truck. He joined the group halfway through the warm-up. Driving away I watched him run to the front of the group. When I picked him up after camp he told me he was the first one back to the school in the warm-up. I told him, “I know, I was watching. This camp is really working for you.”

After camp, I pick him up and take him to Your Daily Fiber, (this is a yarn store blog; which reminds me. Who came up with the word “blog”?) where he sleeps until he can go swimming or someone can take him home where he can sleep some more. See, he is getting plenty of sleep this summer.

Next year we are not missing baseball camp!

Happy July 4th wherever you are. Personally, I am happy to be here, where I can write a yarn store blog (whatever the construction language a blog is).

Our crazy lives!


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