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Football, Volleyball and Oh Yeah, Zumba

The twins have decided not to participate with their school’s cross country team this year. They have decided last year was just too much running. Boy Twin has decided to play football for his school. Girl Twin is playing volleyball.

I was really surprised with Boy Twin’s decision to play football. I think he succumbed to peer pressure. Boy Twin has never shown an interest in football. He has never even watched a game on television. I don’t spent a lot of time watching football. I guess he followed my lead. We must remember he went to an elementary school with a grand total of two boys in his class. It is really hard to field a football team with that many kids. Running at recess was pretty natural.

With Boy Twin at middle school he is surrounded by football players, boys and girls. His best friend had been playing quarterback in city football for years.

Elaine and I have a couple of reasons we were hoping the twins would run cross country. The first and most obvious reason was kids get hurt playing football. The second reason was with one twin playing volleyball and one playing football, both on Wednesday afternoons, Elaine and I cannot watch both twins’ events without splitting up.

I’m not sure how it happened but I was assigned to go to Boy Twin’s first football game while Elaine went to Girl Twin’s first volleyball game. I arrived at Boy Twin’s game in the middle of the first quarter.

When I arrived Boy Twin’s team (the Pirates) had the ball around the middle of the field. They ran a play that I remembered from when I played football. We called the play “Student Body Right”. Everyone on the field ran to their right hoping to knock down the other team if they got in your way. After they play ended everyone on both teams headed back to their huddles. Except the kid carrying the ball on Student Body Right. He didn’t get up at all. The referee called for the Pirate coaches to come on the field. The adults had a sense of panic about them.

One Pirate coach started calling for a parent to call 911. I heard the coach calling for the injured kid’s mother. He told the mother the boy has a bone sticking out of this leg.

This did not happen on the first play of the year, but it was the first play that I happened to see. I once again started to question myself as to why Boy Twin was playing football. I think I was more concerned than Boy Twin. Boy Twin went in on the next play. It just didn’t bother him.

Of course, Boy Twin’s teammate’s year is over. He suffered a fractured hip, broken femur and dislocated his ankle. Boy Twin will tell you, “That kid had a bad day!”

On a happier note, Girl Twin was serving her volleyball team to victory across town. I didn’t get to see any of that. Elaine did. Elaine always gets the fun stuff.

I don’t think there is any hope of Boy Twin quitting football, I think he likes wearing the helmet.

I would like to say thanks to those of you that came into the store, Saturday morning. You probably noticed I was in the store by myself, totally alone and in charge. Yep, Elaine and Ivy enrolled in a Saturday morning Zumba class and Ol’ Monner is running the store. I decided not to enroll myself, I have trouble with Latin rhythms, I’m more of a freestyler.

OK, I’m only in the store alone for an hour but I can make a lot of changes in an hour.

Our crazy lives!


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