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CLP Football and Scarves

It was finally Boy Twin’s turn. (His trip to ER)

In the first quarter by the time I arrived to watch Boy Twin’s middle school football game, the score was 21-0. Sadly, it was not Boy Twin’s Team with the twenty-one. By halftime the score was 35-0. The game ended with a score of 42-0. It wasn’t that Boy Twin’s team suddenly got better in the second half, the other team just quit trying. Well, they sort of quit trying.

In fairness, the other team had some extremely big kids. They have a seventh grader that I noticed was looking down at the coaching staff. (I will talk about that kid later.) Boy twin’s opponents were extremely well coached. Those kids knew how to play football.

Elaine is knitting one of those football scarves (I still won’t call it a cowl) using the twin’s school colors, which happen to be forest green and white. Elaine has chosen white for the twin’s colors and green for the other teams.

The scarf should be very easy to keep clean. The forest green yarn will hide dirt very well and with little white yarn; laundering the scarf won’t be necessary.

Elaine is also knitting a scarf for Girl Twin’s volleyball team. Most volleyball games end with a score of 25-20, with color balance to Girl Twin’s scarf. Thankfully, Elaine is using washable yarn.

Being an alum of the twin’s school, I think Elaine is having a good time knitting the scarves in her old school’s colors. Did I say alum? I should have said distinguished alum. Yes, representing her beloved Pirates, Elaine was named the cities, “Outstanding Girl Student” while in the sixth grade.

Me? I went to the sixth grade but did not get named anything to be proud of, Actually, one of my best friends (a friend I still see weekly) was named “Outstanding Boy Student” I can get bitter so I think I am going to stop talking about this.

OK, let’s talk about the tall kid on the other team. He almost made the score 49-0. The opposing quarterback handed him the ball and he started running down the field. In milliseconds he was up the field looking at the goal line. There was nothing between the tall kid and the goal line, except………you guessed it ……..Boy Twin.

Tall kid must have been a head taller than Boy Twin. Boy Twin was severely challenged in the weight department, also. I watched as Boy Twin moved in to TRY to tackle this kid. Somehow Boy Twin got his arms around the tall kid’s legs. He brought him down.

Boy Twin got up holding his right arm. I heard his coach yell, “Boy Twin, are you OK?” I heard Boy Twin say he was fine. I could see he was fibbing. He didn’t stop holding his arm.

The game ended. At the mid-field after game high-five ceremony I noticed Boy Twin was high-fiving across his body using his non-injured arm.

As his team was walking back to the school bus I caught up to him.

Me: How’s your arm? Boy Twin: Hurts! Me: Can you move it? Boy Twin: Not all the way! Listen to this!

His arm was clicking.

Me: We need to go to the emergency room. Boy Twin: Can we not go? They are going to think I’m not very strong, I was there this summer. Me: We need to go. Boy Twin: Can we see if it is better tomorrow? Me: I guess we can do that. Boy Twin: Monner? Me: Yeah. Boy Twin: When I saw him coming, I was thinking, “oh no, this isn’t going to be good”. Me: You did great.

Went went to the ER the next morning. The x-rays showed his elbow was not broken. If the clicking does not go away he will need to go back to ER.

It looks like his year is not over. He can’t wait for next week.

Our crazy lives!


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