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Teenagers for a Week

I didn’t write a story last week. You can blame Ivy for that.

If you follow the Your Daily Fiber facebook page, you most likely have noticed that we have been dyeing self-striping yarn. By we, I mean me. Ivy is/was making me do it.

Sometimes, OK, a lot of times, Ivy comes up with an idea that is pretty good. This holiday themed self-striping yarn is a pretty good idea. Unfortunately, the yarn is labor intensive and I need to write stories. (As I type this story, my hands are bright green and dark purple This information adds nothing to the story, but it is bugging me while I look at the computer keys.) Fortunately, you guys seem to like Ivy’s idea and are buying the yarn. Everybody is a winner! (Unless you were wanting a story.)

Well let’s get to a story. Elaine and I knocked one off the bucket list this past week. Yep we have raised our second batch of kids to their teenage years. The twins are thirteen years old. Sadly, with our second batch of kids being teenagers and understanding Elaine and I are not in a hurry to close out our bucket list, it is conceivable that Elaine and I could possibly raise a third batch of kids. Don’t share this thought with Elaine; that would bring on tears of joy.

To underscore the fact that the twins are teenagers now, each twin lost their smart phone this past week. Well, they didn’t actually lose them; but they left their phones in the school and they weren’t exactly sure where.

Girl Twin: Monner, I think I left my phone in the school. Me: You think? Girl Twin: I left my phone in the school. Me: Go get it. Girl Twin: The school is locked, I can’t get in the school. Me: I see two teachers in that window. Ask them to let you in.

Girl Twin went to the window and tried to get the attention of one or both of the teachers. It didn’t work, the window was too high off the ground. I suggested that Girl Twin let me pick her up, put her on my shoulders and she could reach the window. (Yes, I can still pick her up. But, I don’t enjoy it anymore.)

With Girl Twin on my shoulders Girl Twin was able to tap on the window.

Girl Twin: Mrs. B^&*$, Mrs. D%$#, I think my phone is in my locker, can you let me in the school? One of the teachers: You need to get away from my window. Me: Tell her to open the (construction language) door.

OK, maybe I didn’t handle that all that well. Maybe I was a little stressed thinking I needed to replace a $300 smart phone, maybe I was getting a little grumpy having a teenager sitting on my shoulders. Maybe I thought I was in my construction world.

Both teachers met Girl Twin and I at the door. One of the teachers gave me the stink eye. I’m guessing that was the one who didn’t want Girl Twin near her window. The other teacher smiled and started a conversation.

Teacher: I hate kids with phones. Me: I totally agree. Teacher: I have three children of my own. I made them share a phone. They thought I was the worst parent in the world. Me: That’s funny. Teacher: I remember my children carrying a dime in their pocket to use a payphone. If they lost a dime it was better than losing a phone. Life is not better now.

I was wondering if she reads my stories. (Good God, I hope not. I don’t always proof-read this crap.)

Now I need to tell another story. This story is about teenagers and smart phones also. As you may know teenagers don’t always make good decisions. I’m guessing my second batch is not going to be the exception.

Girl Twin called me (using her smartphone) to ask if she could hangout with her friends after school. I used my experience gained from the first batch of teenagers and asked all the great parental questions. ”Who are you going to be with?” ”What are you going to do?” ”What time do I pick you up?” For me it was just like riding a bike, once you learn the questions, you don’t forget them.

Girl Twin had all the right answers and I was happy to let he hang with her friends. Everything is/was fine. Until Boy Twin spent the entire next day (no school) with his smartphone in his hand.

Boy Twin was finished gaming on his smartphone and decided to “hack” into his sister’s Instastupid account. Boy Twin found a video of his sister and her friends climbing into the freezer of the grocery store near the school. Not the public access section, the section someone is going to be upset if teenagers enter.

Boy Twin was elated. He had his sister and he was happy about it. I’m guessing he sprinted up the stairs to show Elaine.

Of course, Elaine was not pleased. Girl Twin was getting the first teenage lecture of her life. Elaine noticed Boy Twin hiding in the background thoroughly enjoying Girl Twin’s lecture. Elaine didn’t appreciate his glee. Both twins are grounded. They have been teenagers for less than a week.

Me? I had the pleasure of explaining that if you are going to do teenage stuff. Make sure it doesn’t end up on Instastupid.

I have one more thing to talk about. Before I do, I need to tell you, Elaine has informed me she will take away my computer if I ever get political. I will hold back here, but I don’t want to.

This past week was parent/teacher conference week at the twins middle school. So far, so good. The School sent emails suggesting times that work for all parties. No problem there. The email informs parents tables will be set up at the school for the conferences to take place. Sounds like a good idea.

The students will be at the conferences, accompanied with the past quarters work, grades, comment, etc. The conferences are mandatory that parents and students attend. I like this format, EXCEPT the teachers do not attend. Nope, no teachers!

The school thinks that this is a really good idea that will allow families to be involved in education. OK, here is where I can’t hold back. I have experience with two batches of my kids. I don’t need a table at school to talk to my kids. I like talking to the teachers. It works for me.

I don’t need today’s educators to reinvent the wheel. Needless to say, I didn’t go to this mandatory conference. To quote the teacher from the story above, “things are not better.” Don’t tell Elaine I wrote this, I need the computer. Feel free to tell me your feelings about this.

Our crazy lives!


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